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Shoot the Bullet: Level 6 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 6 - 1

StBsc38 No. 6 - 1:
Owner: Chen
Level 6 — 1
Comment: 突然猫にじゃれつかれました。迷惑です。


I was suddenly set upon by a cat. What a bother.
It was a shock, so I took some shots.
I'll see if I can write something about it later.

Spell Card 6 - 2

StBsc39 No. 6 - 2: 人智剣「天女返し」

Human Knowledge Sword "Angel Dance"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Level 6 — 2
Comment: 瞬間的にですが……私も目が追えない程の速度


All in one moment... I think she moved
too fast for my eyes to follow.
Seems like it'll be impossible to catch her in that moment.

Spell Card 6 - 3

StBsc40 No. 6 - 3: 星符「飛び重ね鱗」

Star Sign "Jumping Crossing Scale"

Owner: Chen
Level 6 — 3
Comment: 再び猫にじゃれつかれました。それも高速で。


Again, bothered by this cat. Really fast, this time.
But the faster she moved, the more orderly she became.
A monster cat that moves systematically is something else...

Spell Card 6 - 4

StBsc41 No. 6 - 4: 妄執剣「修羅の血」

Obsession Sword "Blood of Asura"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Level 6 — 4
Comment: 超高速移動の瞬間を捉えました!


I got it! Caught her moving superfast!
The trick is, she doesn't move far and only straight,
so preparation was key.

Spell Card 6 - 5

StBsc42 No. 6 - 5: 鬼神「鳴動持国天」

Oni God "Rumbling Jikoku-ten"
Jikoku-ten: a Buddhist God who guards the east of the Buddhist world.

Owner: Chen
Level 6 — 5
Comment: ありゃびっくり。


This was quite a shock.
She not only bounced around, but seemed to use
some techniques. Not just a wild cat.

Spell Card 6 - 6

StBsc43 No. 6 - 6: 天星剣「涅槃寂静の如し」

Celestial Star Sword "As the Silent Nirvana"
Nirvana: culmination of the yogi's pursuit of liberation.

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Level 6 — 6
Comment: 驚きです。本当に意識を一点に集中すると、音も


This was a surprise. She could focus so well
as to cut out sound altogether.
Pictures won't show this. Neither could a newspaper.

Spell Card 6 - 7

StBsc44 No. 6 - 7: 化猫「橙」

Cat Monster "Chen"

Owner: Chen
Level 6 — 7
Comment: ただの化猫でした。


She's just a monster cat.
Don't imagine that anybody can beat me in terms of speed.
As long as I'm not looking through the viewfinder, I'm the fastest.

Spell Card 6 - 8

StBsc45 No. 6 - 8: 四生剣「衆生無性の響き」

Four Births Sword "Resounding of the Restless Beings"
四生 (Four Kinds of Birth): viviparity, oviparity, birth from marsh, incarnation to the angel.
衆生: beings with mind.
無性: beings who cannot become Buddha congenitally.

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Level 6 — 8
Comment: 一瞬とはいえ、あれだけの速度で斬られるのは

だって、ブレちゃうでしょ? 写真。

Considering it's in the blink of an eye,
being attacked at that speed is scary.
I mean, wouldn't the picture be all blurry?

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