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Shoot the Bullet: Level 6 Spell Cards

Spell Card 38

StBsc38 No. 38:
Owner: Chen
Level 6 — 1
Comment: Treat this as you would a streaming pattern from the normal shooters. Keep mostly in charge movement and bump horizontally every time she releases a wave of bullets. You can choose to stay at the bottom and wait for her to come close or rush upwards when the camera is charged. The bullets slow as they reach the bottom so you can dodge between the lines when it becomes too crowded

Spell Card 39

StBsc39 No. 39: 人智剣「天女返し」

Human Knowledge Sword "Angel Dance"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Level 6 — 2
Comment: Play on the top of the screen. There is more space than in the bottom.

Spell Card 40

StBsc40 No. 40: 星符「飛び重ね鱗」

Star Sign "Jumping Crossing Scale"

Owner: Chen
Level 6 — 3
Comment: Just stay on the bottom of the screen and photograph Chen on her last dash in each set. Remember to utilize the second focus.

Spell Card 41

StBsc41 No. 41: 妄執剣「修羅の血」

Obsession Sword "Blood of Asura"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Level 6 — 4
Comment: Start by charging your camera and take a picture on her first slash, then go to one of the sides and charge the camera while slowly making your way to the opposite end taking a picture when you can, you will need to take all the pictures before you get trapped on the other side.

Spell Card 42

StBsc42 No. 42: 鬼神「鳴動持国天」

Oni God "Rumbling Jikoku-ten"
Jikoku-ten: a Buddhist God who guards the east of the Buddist world.

Owner: Chen
Level 6 — 5
Comment: You can get a free shot in the beginning before the waves make it to the middle if you charge Stay in the middle as much as possible and charge the camera as much as possible. After 3 pictures the top and bottom waves disappear and similar waves on all 4 sides will come. Since there are many bullets on the screen when you snap a picture the charge time will be faster so snap a picture once it is ready.

Spell Card 43

StBsc43 No. 43: 天星剣「涅槃寂静の如し」

Celestial Star Sword "As the Silent Nirvana"
Nirvana: culmination of the yogi's pursuit of liberation.

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Level 6 — 6
Comment: The trick to this card is that you aren't dodging the pointed shots. you just have to dodge the small bullets. Don't take the picture until time slows down and the pointed bullets stop shooting. you won't have enough time to take it during normal speed.

Spell Card 44

StBsc44 No. 44: 化猫「橙」

Cat Monster "Chen"

Owner: Chen
Level 6 — 7
Comment: You have a higher chance of Chen running into you than you getting hit by a bullet. She'll charge right into you every other movement, so to stay alive, you need to keep on your toes. Anticipate the angle she will run into you at (either horizontally or vertically), and dodge perpendicular to that angle. Make sure to dodge to the side as soon as the spell card starts, or Chen will smash into you. After firing the first wave of bullets, Chen follows the following 8-step cycle:

1. From the bottom edge, Chen moves to the right edge, aligning herself with you horizontally.
2. Chen quickly follows up with an aimed dash to the left edge. Dodge vertically.
3. Chen dashes to the bottom edge, aligning herself vertically below you.
4. Chen performs an aimed dash to the top edge. Dodge horizontally.
5. Chen moves to the left edge, aligning herself with you horizontally.
6. Chen quickly follows up with an aimed dash to the right edge. Dodge vertically.
7. Chen moves to the top edge, aligning herself vertically above you.
8. Chen performs an aimed dash to the bottom edge. Dodge horizontally.


Spell Card 45

StBsc45 No. 45: 四生剣「衆生無性の響き」

Four Births Sword "Resounding of the Restless Beings"
四生 (Four Kinds of Birth): vivipary, oviparity, birth from marsh, incarnation to the angel.
衆生: beings with mind.
無性: beings who cannot become Buddha congenitally.

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Level 6 — 8
Comment: This card is best taken starting in one of the lower corners and hugging the side wall, moving up slowly as necessary. Hugging a wall will let you watch only one color and direction of bullets coming towards you. Take photos of Youmu when she's on your side, and a defensive shot on the top to switch directions. The screen clears and Youmu starts a much more difficult version of the pattern on the last shot, so be ready to get to the top or bottom corner, whichever is closest, when you take the semifinal shot.

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