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Shoot the Bullet: Level 5 Spell Cards

Spell Card 30

StBsc30 No. 30:
Owner: Hong Meirin
Level 5 — 1
Comment: Take a free picture right in the beginning, then it would be best to try and have Meiling move in a pentagon pattern around the stage. There is a slight safe area perpendicular to her bullet releases, but there will always be stray bullets scattered around.

Spell Card 31

StBsc31 No. 31: 日&水符「ハイドロジェナスプロミネンス」

Sun & Water Sign "Hydrogenous Prominence"
prominence: a huge column of flame on the sun. The sun mainly consists of hydrogen.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Level 5 — 2

Spell Card 32

StBsc32 No. 32: 華符「彩光蓮華掌」

Flowery Sign "Colorful Light Lotus Flower Palm"

Owner: Hong Meirin
Level 5 — 3
Comment: There are many gaps in the waves, just go between them.

Spell Card 33

StBsc33 No. 33: 水&火符「フロギスティックレイン」

Water & Fire Sign "Phlogistic Rain"
phlogiston: assumed substance to explain the fact that flammable materials lose the mass when burned. This theory had been already rejected.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Level 5 — 4
Comment: The safest way to clear this card is to simply make a small horizontal tap for each triangle wave Patchouli fires, then when the flamethrowers have intersected and are going to crush you, take a picture that removes the intersection and also hits Patchouli. The triangles are fired in a staggered pattern, keep an eye out for that, and make sure that you remove the actual section of the flamethrowers where they cross. This means you'll want to shoot after they've intersected, not before.

Spell Card 34

StBsc34 No. 34: 彩翔「飛花落葉」

Colorful Flip "Fluttering Petals and Falling Leaves"

Owner: Hong Meirin
Level 5 — 5
Comment: The best way to clear this is to start at a corner and charge the camera, when she approaches snap a picture right when the bullets are released. After that run to the opposite corner and start charging the camera right away keep dodging bullet while charging. By the time she makes it to you, you should have the camera ready to take a picture. Run back the opposite corner and repeat.

Spell Card 35

StBsc35 No. 35: 月&木符「サテライトヒマワリ」

Moon & Wood Sign "Satellite Himawari"
Himawari: a name of a Japanese weather satellite, means sunflower.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Level 5 — 6
Comment: A puzzle card. Stay in the center, near Patchouli. The bullet rings twist around and expand enormously, so the actual sections of the ring that will cross the center and kill you are very small. The idea here is to find out which sections those are, and remove them with your photos in the specific pattern that will allow you to survive. You'll have to time and angle your shots to cut out both sections that are about to kill you, and ones that are going to kill you a few seconds later.

Spell Card 36

StBsc36 No. 36: 彩華「虹色太極拳」

Colorful Flower "Rainbow Taijiquan"
Taijiquan: a kind of traditional Chinese shadow boxing.

Owner: Hong Meirin
Level 5 — 7
Comment: Stay between the spiral arms, be careful when she switches directions.

Spell Card 37

StBsc37 No. 37: 日&月符「ロイヤルダイヤモンドリング」

Sun & Moon Sign "Royal Diamond Ring"
royal diamond ring: a metaphor of the annular solar eclipse.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Level 5 — 8
Comment: Very easy compared to the rest of stage 5, surprisingly. The lasers can be more or less ignored if you stay in large clear areas, what you want to watch out for are the twisting lines of circle bullets. Patience is a plus here. If you have trouble, try "score running" and staying as close to her as you can for as long as you can, to get a feel for just how safe it is to be in the thick of things.

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Shoot the Bullet: Level 5 Spell Cards

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