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Shoot the Bullet: Level 4 Spell Cards

Spell Card 21

StBsc21 No. 21:
Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Level 4 — 1
Comment: This is generally just a twitch dodging spell card, take defensive shots if you must since typically there is enough bullets to get it around 50-60% charge, and if you do take defensive shots try to take some bullets off the inner most ring of bullets as those are the most tightly packed and can get you later on.

Spell Card 22

StBsc22 No. 22: 霧符「ガシングガーデン」

Fog Sign "Gassing Garden"

Owner: Medicine Melancholy
Level 4 — 2

Spell Card 23

StBsc23 No. 23: 脱兎「フラスターエスケープ」

Runaway Rabbit "Fluster Escape"
fluster: confusion

Owner: Tewi Inaba
Level 4 — 3
Comment: The bullets continually go in an arc formation, even when bouncing off the side walls. Anticipate attacks from above and the sides. The area in front of her when she first appears, however, seems surprisingly safe.

Spell Card 24

StBsc24 No. 24: 散符「朧月花栞(ロケット・イン・ミスト)」

Spread Sign "Rocket in Mist"
朧月: a pale moon
花栞: a flower bookmark

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Level 4 — 4
Comment: The bullets move in the same direction they were fired in, even after the split. Keep out of the firing line, and when the bullets rematerialize, move slightly to avoid the next wave of bullets (at least one is pointed directly at your hitbox).

There's also an easy way to do this. At first, try to lure her into shooting diagonally. By doing so, you will have a feeling that the area in which you can move became larger. Actually, it did, but don't bother. Stay near the stream of bullets. When they "blurs", move a bit to dodge, and a bit more to dodge the next one. Keep moving while shooting until you get to the other side of the screen. Now when the bullets blurs again, move quickly back and repeat until you have enough photos.

Spell Card 25

StBsc25 No. 25: 毒符「ポイズンブレス」

Poison Sign "Poison Breath"

Owner: Medicine Melancholy
Level 4 — 5
Comment: Another Cirno, and a hard version, when we're at it. This is very hard to dodge due to the poison clouds. For every successful picture taken, Medicine adds one extra wave to each color. This becomes a hassle near the end, when there are five lines of each color restricting your movement. Don't bother using the focus, as more often than not, it'll be too slow to dodge the bullets. Just don't overshoot and run into the next wave. Minimize the time you spend in the poison by moving perpendicular to the lines formed by the poison cloud waves to get through them; if you stay inside too long, you'll fall behind and get hit by a bullet wave.

Spell Card 26

StBsc26 No. 26: 波符「幻の月(インビジブルハーフムーン)」

Wave Sign "Invisible Half-Moon"
幻の月: phantom moon

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Level 4 — 6
Comment: Stay back when the attack begins. The red bullets are of little problem that far out, so all you need to do to take the picture is get in close when the blues are being fired, and shoot as the bullets resume. Then back away.

There's another easy way for this. Ignore the red bullets, the real problems here are those blue ones. When the red bullets "blurs", quickly make your way between the groups of blue bullets. Don't shoot just yet. Shortly after Reisen shoots again is the best time for you to have a "nice shot". The rest is up to you.

Spell Card 27

StBsc27 No. 27: 譫妄「イントゥデリリウム」

Confusion "Into Delirium"
Delirium: madness, alcoholic, and a brand of Belgian beer of Huyghe brewery
譫妄 (Senmou) means delirium, but it is translated into confusion here to avoid the duplication.

Owner: Medicine Melancholy
Level 4 — 7
Comment: It is best to stay near the bottom while the camera is not ready and charge when you can. When the camera is ready, it is best to take a picture when she shoots the mass of bullets so you negate that wave.

Spell Card 28

StBsc28 No. 28: 借符「大穴牟遅様の薬」

Owing Sign "Vulnerary of Ohnamuji-sama"
Ohnamuji-sama: a childhood name of Ohkuninushi, a Japanese god of the earth. He helped a rabbit in a myth "White Rabbit of Inaba". The white rabbit of Inaba is a model of Tewi Inaba.

Owner: Tewi Inaba
Level 4 — 8
Comment: The bullets move in the same way as Spell Card 23, and are just bigger and more numerous. You can utilize this particular knowledge in order to help ensure many bullets are on the screen when you take the picture. The area in front of Tewi when she first appears, surprisingly, appears to be quite a safe area. Tewi never fires directly at you; it's the existing waves, bouncing around, that you need to worry about.

Spell Card 29

StBsc29 No. 29: 狂夢「風狂の夢(ドリームワールド)」

Mad Dream "Dream World"
風狂: madness, lunatic person, being intoxicated with elegance
夢: dream

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Level 4 — 9
Comment: The actual paths of the bullets are actually shown ahead of time - use it to your advantage, but don't get too close - it doesn't compensate for the second or two of movement, and being too close when that happens is lethal, as it's impossible to dodge. Fire around a half second after she stops moving to grab the Nice Shot bonus.

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