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Spell Card 07

StBsc07 No. 07:
Owner: Cirno
Level 2 — 1
Comment: The first thing you'll wanna do is run straight behind her as she's firing off her first wave. do this for the first three pics, then she will start firing off large blue danmaku (right). Continue to dodge in the same manner, but be sure not to corner yourself. Be sure to wait till she fires before taking a pic if you can.

Spell Card 08

StBsc08 No. 08:
Owner: Letty Whiterock
Level 2 — 2

Spell Card 09

StBsc09 No. 09: 雪符「ダイヤモンドブリザード」

Snow Sign "Diamond Blizzard"

Owner: Cirno
Level 2 — 3

Spell Card 10

StBsc10 No. 10: 寒符「コールドスナップ」

Cold Sign "Cold Snap"

cold snap: sudden cold wave

Owner: Letty Whiterock
Level 2 — 4

Spell Card 11

StBsc11 No. 11: 凍符「マイナスK」

Freeze Sign "Minus K"

K: Kelvin, a unit of the absolute temperature, whose lower bound is 0 K (absolute zero).

Owner: Cirno
Level 2 — 5
Comment: This one is fairly straightforward, the key is to stay as close as you can to Cirno (almost grazing her sprite) while moving counterclockwise and holding down the charge key. If you stay close enough, you can even use slow charge for all but the last shot.

Spell Card 12

StBsc12 No. 12: 冬符「ノーザンウイナー」

Winter Sign "Northern Winner"

Owner: Letty Whiterock
Level 2 — 6
Comment: Charge your camera, quickly dodge the large orbs Letty throws at you, and then continue charging. You generally should only have to dodge once before getting to 100%. Make your way up through the bullets that form from the ice trails to Letty and snap your pic. Using defensive photography to clear some bullets can make things much easier.

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