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Shoot the Bullet: Level 1 Spell Cards

Spell Card 01

StBsc01 No. 01:
Owner: Wriggle Nightbug
Level 1 — 1

Spell Card 02

StBsc02 No. 02:
Owner: Rumia
Level 1 — 2
Comment: Stay still and the green bullet waves will miss. You only need to concern yourself with the dot bullets.

Spell Card 03

StBsc03 No. 03: 蛍符「地上の恒星」

Firefly Sign "Fixed Star on Earth"

Owner: Wriggle Nightbug
Level 1 — 3
Comment: Don't be fooled into sneaking in between two bullet waves, since that is actually the most dangerous area. It'll be safer than staying out once you sneaked in, however; though don't even bother since it will only work with the first two shots. After a while, she will start shooting more bullets; don't panic and finish her off.

Spell Card 04

StBsc04 No. 04: 闇符「ダークサイドオブムーン」

Darkness Sign "Dark Side of the Moon"

Owner: Rumia
Level 1 — 4
Comment: If your intelligence allows you to shoot while she's not visible, I don't know what to say unless it's your first time playing. This one is not hard, however, you'll have to keep your head cool, since it's pretty annoying. Remember, even for Aya, taking things slowly once in a while is necessary.

Spell Card 05

StBsc05 No. 05: 蝶符「バタフライストーム」

Butterfly Sign "Butterfly Storm"

Owner: Wriggle Nightbug
Level 1 — 5

Spell Card 06

StBsc06 No. 06: 夜符「ミッドナイトバード」

Night Sign "Midnight Bird"

Owner: Rumia
Level 1 — 6
Comment: The area that appears most dangerous is actually the safe one. Keep that in mind, now, don't go too far from where you are at the beginning since you'll corner yourself. At first, only moving one step will keep you safe from her attacks. Since you don't have to move much, use that time to do a quick charge (Focus + Shoot). When the camera is ready, run up to her and take a shot. After a while Rumia will start shooting big bullets as well, but don't worry since they aren't as big as they appear to be. Finish her off now.

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