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Shoot the Bullet: Level 10 Spell Cards

Spell Card 70

StBsc70 No. 70:
Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Level 10 — 1
Comment: A three part attack, like 7-1. For the first part you'll have to stay close to Komachi and rapidly run around her, interspersing direction changes and photos in whatever pattern works for you. The first wave of the second pattern can be tapdodged; after that, you can use your photos to remove each full wave if you time them right. Later is better, you need to catch all the silvers. The third phase is all about luck, a keen eye, and patience with defensive shots if needed.

Spell Card 71

StBsc71 No. 71: 虚言「タン・オブ・ウルフ」

Lie "Tongue of Wolf"
Tongue of Wolf: meaning tongue of liar, based on "The Shepherd And The Wolf" of Aesop's Fables. It is said that Yama yanks it out as punishment.

Owner: Sikieiki Yamaxanadu
Level 10 — 2
Comment: Simple concept, tricky execution. The end waves for the last two photos are nearly impossible to dodge with human reflexes, but if you charge quickly you can take a defensive shot of the end of a wave, then recharge in time and shoot the boss before the end of the next wave, canceling it.

Spell Card 72

StBsc72 No. 72: 死歌「八重霧の渡し」

Death Song "Ferriage in the Deep Fog"
"八重霧の渡し (Yaegiri no Watashi)" is a spoof of the Japanese popular song "矢切の渡し(Yagiri no Watashi)".

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Level 10 — 3
Comment: Like Medicine's and Meiling's cards of the same style, you just have to move around her and take pictures at will.

Spell Card 73

StBsc73 No. 73: 審判「十王裁判」

Judgement "Bar of the Ten Kings"
The Ten Kings: the judges of the afterlife in Buddhism. They decide the realms that people will be reborn in, based on their past karma. Yama is a fifth judge.

Owner: Sikieiki Yamaxanadu
Level 10 — 4
Comment: Ten different waves. For the first seven, you'll be either tapstreaming in charge speed, or moving back and forth in a U shaped arc on the boss's spell circle in normal focus speed. Waves 1, 2, and 4 can be done using either method. Wave 3 requires the arc rotation. Wave 5 requires tapstreaming. Waves 6 and 7 require the arc rotation - you'll be rotating just outside the first set of oval bullets. It will look nervewracking, but is perfectly safe as long as you don't flinch and move smoothly at focus speed. Closing your eyes may actually help, no joke. Waves 8, 9 and 10 are easy and self explanatory, just don't do anything stupid and make sure you start your journey all the way to one side of your cage.

Spell Card 74

StBsc74 No. 74: 古雨「黄泉中有の旅の雨」

Old Rain "Rain in the Afterworld Journey"

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Level 10 — 5
Comment: A difficult streaming card that uses mist effects on the screen edges to play havoc with your peripheral vision. It's not unlike a more difficult version of stage 6-6. Whatever strategy you use will break down on the last two photos, just pray and try to dodge. Dropping down will kill you.

Spell Card 75

StBsc75 No. 75: 審判「ギルティ・オワ・ノットギルティ」

Judgement "Guilty or Not Guilty"

Owner: Sikieiki Yamaxanadu
Level 10 — 6
Comment: Stay on the bottom and use normal focus speed to dodge the bubbles. There's a certain rhythm that you need to click into. Once you get it down, just move up and shoot whenever the bubbles clear out and you should be able to get to the last photo without issue. The last photo no longer gives you a break in the bubbles, you'll have to find a clear column at some point and run up for a risky finisher.

Spell Card 76

StBsc76 No. 76: 死価「プライス・オブ・ライフ」

Death Price "Price of Life"

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Level 10 — 7
Comment: A simple rotation card. You'll want to get yourself within one of the rings of coins, similar to what you do for Mokou's final spellcard in IN Extra. The easiest way is to pick one of the satellites and orbit around with it, staying in normal focus speed. Make your orbits as wide as possible, but stay centered. When coins start popping out, dodge coins, it's... really not that hard. In fact this is an absurdly easy card for where it is in the game, it's exactly like 7-2 except with more space, more lenient rotation, and smaller bullets.

Spell Card 77

StBsc77 No. 77: 審判「浄頗梨審判 -射命丸文-」

Judgement "Cleansed Crystal Judgement -Aya Shameimaru-"
Cleansed Crystal Mirror: a Yama's mirror which shows all the guilts of a person.

Owner: Sikieiki Yamaxanadu
Level 10 — 8
Comment: Three phases, three shots each. The first phase is a complex multi-segment attack, where you can choose your least favorite part of each repetition to take your photo on. For most players it will be best to remove the three blue rings each time she fires them. After the third shot, the screen clears and Aya returns to her starting position to begin the second phase (don't get bodyslammed!). The second phase is the only one that's actually difficult; a few different patterns will work but generally you want to take your shots of Aya as she's near either the top or bottom of the screen heading to the other side. You do not have as much time as you think you do. The third phase is trivial, just remember to get out of the way right after the butterflies pass you!

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