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Bad Endings

Normal Endings


Unlocking Extra

To unlock extra successfully finish 66 scenes.

Good luck...


Most of the main menu choices have red letters when selected. These letters are enough to spell "SHOOT" twice, using only one letter twice and leaving one unused. The unused 'T' and twice-used 'H' give you 東方 TH TouHou.


- When after playing you go to the menu, the game sometimes freezes.

- After playing the replay, sometimes the boss character doesn't seem to be right.

- Sometimes the boss character doesn't seem to be right when actually playing the game. In this case the game becomes extremely slow. screenshot of this

- Bonuses during capturing Gray Amulet is considered as Orange Danmaku. Screenshot of this Color-Blind bug/glitch

Fun Facts

  • Reimu doesn't appear in this game, which was a first for the entire series of games.

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