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Double Dealing Character

○Stage 6 Boss  Descendant of the Kobito

Shinmyoumaru Sukuna

Species: Kobito
Ability: ability to use the Lucky Mallet

A descendant of Issun-boushi.
She's able to use the Lucky Mallet.

Her ancestor Issun-boushi exterminated an oni, and obtained the oni's treasure, the "Lucky Mallet".
That ancestor used it to gain a large body and a princess, just as the stories say.
He didn't use the Lucky Mallet for anything more than that.

The Lucky Mallet was an oni's tool, and the miracles it caused were also a result of the oni's power.
Using it recklessly would bring ruin upon oneself, he thought.

However, after several generations passed, Issun-boushi's mindset soon faded away.
Then, at one point, an incident occurred.

The Lucky Mallet can grant any wish imaginable-- so why aren't we using it?
One of Issun-boushi's descendants thought this, and at last broke the taboo.
They lived in the lap of luxury thanks to the mallet's magic power, and then made one final wish.

"I want to build a luxurious castle, and rule over the people!"

In a flash, a castle called the "Shining Needle Castle" appeared, as the Lucky Mallet's power ran out.
And then, tragedy struck.

The Shining Needle Castle turned on its head, and was confined to the world of the oni, taking the entire kobito race with it.
They sank down to a world where the people they wanted to rule over didn't exist...
Thus, the existence of the kobito passed out of human knowledge.

The Lucky Mallet was an oni's tool.
In exchange for granting a wish, it would extract a payment equivalent to it.
A wish that was too big could have its payment occur even before being granted.

The kobito realized this.
The Lucky Mallet was sealed once more.

A long time passed since then, and we now come to the present day.
All the people among the kobito who spoke of the past had long since passed away.
As a result, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna didn't know about the mallet.

An amanojaku, Seija, then laid eyes upon her.

In order to satisfy her ambition, Seija planned to utilize the Lucky Mallet.
Because only the kobito could wield the mallet, she decided to use Shinmyoumaru, who knew nothing of it.

A humiliation suffered by the kobito, the power of the Lucky Mallet, and the youkai of Gensokyo who were responsible for that humiliation.
Seija was always a well-spoken amanojaku, but she fed Shinmyoumaru a false history.
The two of them swore to take revenge.

"Now, let's build a paradise where the weak won't be disposed of!"

However, Shinmyoumaru still didn't know about the Lucky Mallet's price.

Urban Legend in Limbo official website

Dubious! Inchling in Green

Shinmyoumaru Sukuna

Occult Name "Little Green Men"

An inchling who fights with the greatly mysterious miracle mallet and a fencing needle.

Although petite, with her dynamic fully-body attacks she regains her reach. A character that fights by scratching the opponent while going around them.

Her Occult Attack is “Green Men, Green Light”.
The called-forth little green men quietly watch over the opponent, and when the enemy finally turns their back to them, they pounce, attacking mercilessly.

Antinomy of Common Flowers official website

Fairytale-esque and Bowl-Riding Inchling

Shinmyoumaru Sukuna

"Do you think you've already won?
Today, I've made the strongest helper around into my slave!"

A member of the Inchling race, who wields the Miracle Mallet.

In order to dominate the possession battles, she ventures around in search of the strongest partner.
In the end, the partner she chose was someone absolutely outrageous.

A speed character who scurries about with her small form and fast movement.
Her melee moves that use her bowl and needle are truly formidable.