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Fun Facts

  • The name "Shinki" means "beautiful god".
  • Pandæmonium was the capital of hell in Paradise Lost. Thus, Shinki is sometimes compared to Satan.
  • Shinki is compared to Satan and has a sword-throwing maid (Yumeko). Remilia is also compared to Satan and has a knife-throwing maid (Sakuya) ... Possibly the first idea for the Remilia/Sakuya pair?
  • Fairies in stages 5 and 6 of Undefined Fantastic Object, which took place in Makai, have wings with similar colors and markings as Shinki's. These wings can also be seen on the fairies during the final stage of Fairy Wars, which takes place in Gensokyo.
  • Byakuren Hijiri's spell card, Great Magic "Devil's Recitation", strongly resembles one of Shinki's attack forms.
  • Some of Shinki's attacks were replicated by SMD-000x in the game Samidare.
  • Also one of the few characters that doesn't wear headgear.
  • The color of her hair, and her hair style is similar to that of Mirajane Strauss [1] from Fairy Tail.

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