東方Arrange 幼稚の恋路 ~ Merry Memory Go Round

This arrange is beautiful. I really can imagine Alice being the adopted daughter of Shinki. Alice had originally come from Gensokyo though...~

At the very beginning, I can imagine Shinki tucking a sleeping Alice away to bed. Alice had just had a long day playing with her mother Shinki. Alice was sleeping a contented sleep with a smile on her face. Shinki leaned over to kiss Alice on the forehead...

0:12; The scenario changes, we are suddenly thrust into Alice's dreams. In it, it was snowing. Alice was marveling at the strange, white powder. She was sure she had never seen it before... but why did she have this strange feeling, a feeling that she had indeed seen it before? She put out her hand to catch a snowflake, and was surprised by the sudden surge of cold she felt. She looked at her hand and saw that the powder had melted into water. Astonished, she reached out to snatch another flake out of the air. It melted in her hand even as she watched. 0:40; Alice looked up to see where the powder was coming from. She saw a big, gray, puffy sheet overhead. Alice had never seen clouds either, but for some reason she just knew what they were. She didn't know why, but she just thought everything here was just so pretty. Everywhere she looked it was white, just like heaven... But what was heaven? Alice pondered this for a moment before shrugging and moving on. Everywhere she went, powder was drifting down silently from the clouds...

Then, for some reason Alice suddenly got the urge to fall on her back into the powder. She plopped down onto the soft blanket of snow and instinctively moved her arms and legs back and forth in a rowing motion. She got back up to see what she had created. It was an angel. Alice didn't know how she knew what it was, she just did. She wondered what it meant. Alice didn't care though. She would rather spend her time playing. She ran through the snow with her hands outstretched towards the sky. It was so pretty... 1:30; Alice continued to play in the snow. She opened her mouth, trying to catch a snowflake on her tongue. She singled out a snowflake and ran towards it. The snowflake bobbed in the air as the wind blew it away. Alice gave chase as the stubborn thing weaved back and forth through the wind. Alice ran under it and jumped, finally managing to catch it and falling down on her butt in the process. She laughed as the cold water trickled down her throat. It was like a wonderland...

1:55; Alice woke up suddenly, her eyes wide. She quickly got out of her bed, ripping her blanket off and searching for her Mother.

"Mommy! Mommy" Alice yelled insistently as she ran through the hallway into the Living room. Shinki was sitting in a chair and talking to Yumeko (her maid). Shinki turned to look as Alice ran up and hugged Shinki. Shinki wrapped her arms around Alice and smiled.

"What is it Alice?"

Alice looked up at Shinki, her eyes sparkling with excitement."I had this dream Mommy! I was in this really pretty place, and there was this white powder falling from the sky! Whenever I touched it, it turned into water. It was so fun to play with!"

Shinki's smile got brighter. Inside though, she was concerned... "That's snow sweetie..."

"I want it to snow here so we can play in the snow together Mommy! We can make angels and look at the big clouds!"

Shinki looked down into Alice's eager eyes, she didn't know what to say...

"Alright, alright." Shinki replied soothingly as she stroked Alice's hair. She got up from her chair and took Alice's hand gently. "But now, you have to go back to sleep. It's late."

"Aww" Alice's excited expression turned into a childish frown as Shinki guided Alice back to her room. Alice grudgingly plodded back to her room. She was tired though...

As Shinki was tucking Alice away. Alice yawned. She wanted to dream about snow again.

"Look at my silly little girl, running around like a lunatic with her pajamas on." Shinki smiled, pinched Alice on the cheek.

"Good night Mommy." Alice said groggily.

Shinki kissed Alice on the forehead. "Good Night sweetie."

3:38; Shinki left the room, closing the door behind her quietly. She was no longer smiling.

"She's remembering now, isn't she?..." Yumeko stood at Shinki's side with a concerned expression on her face.


They both knew what that meant... Shinki went to her room and laid down in her bed. She sighed heavily and closed her eyes...but she couldn't fall asleep. Instead she recalled the wonderful experiences she had had with her little Alice. She could not bear to think that those experiences could one day be wrenched from her~

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