Although this walkthrough will attempt to contain as few story spoilers as possible, it is still possible to glean insight about the story from it. Please take this into consideration.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Day 1:
Gathering evidence:
>Hakurei Shrine

  • Present sake bottle to Sakuya.

>Hakurei Shrine Open Area

  • Check sake bottles.
  • Check trash can.

Choice 1:

  • Press, ask everything.

Choice 2:

  • Present Similar-Looking Sake Bottle

Day 2:
Gathering evidence:

  • Present bottles and wrapper to Rinnosuke
  • Present bottle/paper/rice cakes to Reimu

Choice 1:

  • Present Evidence - Sake Bottle

Cross-Examination 2:

  • Say Something
  • Continue timidly
  • Writing format

Day 3:
Gathering Evidence:
At Kourindou:

  • Present order forms

Cross-Examination 1: Final statement - Present photograph of two bottles.

  • Present photograph of Tewi
  • Point out wrapping paper

Cross-Examination 2: First statement - Present photograph of Tewi

  • Point out flying person (top left corner)

Cross-Examination 3:

  • Press on statement 4 to get informants letter
  • Present sake bottle on statement 3

Cross-Examination 4:

  • Present informants letter after cross-examination ends.
  • Accuse Tewi of writing the letter

Extra Chapter

Day 1:

Gathering evidence:

  • Check Shogi Board after talking with Nitori
  • Present all findings to Tenshi
  • Check board again once Momiji is with you


  • Check gear, light bulb, safe, water puddle (bottom left corner below safe).

Cross-Examination 1:
>I never went in the room with the safe

  • Present picture of saliva photo
  • Present Tenshi's statement.

>You didn't go to the restroom!

Cross-Examination 2:
>I was losing - Present Shogi Board photo.

  • Evidence to prove third party - Yes - saliva photo

Cross-Examination 3:
>I still think Tenshi is the thief

  • Present safe photo
  • Present Tenshi's statement
  • AM/PM difference
  • Youmu's footprints

Day 2: Gathering evidence:

  • Present perfume to patchy
  • Talk to alice
  • Talk to Nitori, examine items in storeroom
  • check recycling bin
  • Check tea in SDM library
  • After going to the human village, return to SDM, show Sanae the lemon.
  • GO back to Nitori's house - Fingerprint everything you can
  • Human Villiage

Cross-Examination 1
>Tenshi Flew Off - Present Tenshi's footprints

  • Present Poncho

Cross-Examination 2

  • Press

>Thats why I fled in panic - Present ghost story

  • Present Optical Camouflage Suit

Cross-Examination 3
>That's the only thing I touched

  • Present - Safe

>While I did careless cut the wire to the safe...

  • Present - Safe Code Memo
  • Present - Safe

Cross-Examination 4
>Sakuya served me some lemon tea.

  • Present - Teacup
  • Present - Lemon Battery
  • Present - Muroken Konmou
  • Present - Tenshi's Footprint
  • Present - Perfume Bottle

Final Cross-Examination
Press on the statement that the suit was in her LEFT pocket.

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