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Gyakuten Touhou is an adventure style game following the format of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney style of games where the player takes charge of the defense of an individual in a wide variety of different cases. During each case, the player heads both the investigation by speaking to characters and examining evidence, and the trial, where the player is responsible for cross-examining witnesses.


The game is divided up into two different aspects: investigation and trial.

During the investigation period, the player may:

  • Move between different areas
  • Examine the scene for clues
  • Talk with people present at the scene
  • Discuss evidence and clues with people present.

During the trial, the player:

  • Cross-examines witnesses after their testimony by pressing for information
  • Introduces evidence to influence or discredit witnesses.


The game is divided into four chapters, each involving a separate trial.

Trial 1: Witness the rise of Gensokyo's first defense attorney as Cirno is put on trial for breaking a camera belonging to Rinnosuke.
Plaintiff: Rinnosuke
Defendant: Cirno

Trial 2: After an explosion at Eientei leads to the theft of a pot, Aya has to defend the most notorious thief in Gensokyo.
Plaintiff: Eirin
Defendant: Marisa

Trial 3: An unlikely candidate is accused to poisoning Suika with "Oni Killer Sake," putting her into a coma.
Plaintiff: Suika
Defendant: Reimu

Extra Trial: Aya faces overwhelming evidence as an unpopular celestial is accused of stealing. How will Aya overcome the overwhelming evidence against her?
Plaintiff: Nitori
Defendant: Tenshi


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