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Double Dealing Character

○Stage 5 Boss  The Counterattacking Amanojaku

Seija Kijin

Species: Amanojaku
Ability: turning anything over

An amanojaku who plots social upheaval.

Amanojaku aren't oni, but just a particularly twisted type of youkai.

She's always thinking the opposite of what other people think.

She likes what people hate, and falls into self-loathing when she makes them happy.

She never listens to orders. Even if she profits off something, she doesn't give anything in return.

It was only natural that humans and youkai disliked her, but she was happy to be disliked.

Her ambition was to turn Gensokyo upside-down.

She wanted to smash the current, stable Gensokyo where the strong ruled the land, and change it into one where the weak had more value.

However, she didn't have the power to do that.

Then, she laid her eyes upon the treasure of the kobito, the "Lucky Mallet".

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