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Seija in Fan Culture

  • Her ability to flip anything has caused hilarity among fans. She has been associated to the common flipping tables meme and has also been seen trolling other characters flipping them upside-down.
  • Fans associate her with Seiga Kaku as they have a similar name and they are both said to be wicked/twisted characters who used the final bosses of their respective games to achieve their own goals.
  • Also, many fans associate her with Ryuko Matoi, the heroine from the anime series Kill la Kill, due to both Seija and Ryuko's looks are very similar to each other (along with that the they debuted in 2013 with three months difference). In addition, Ryuko is also a "chaotic" type of character, although less evil than Seija is.
  • She is often drawn upside-down or looking behind her in fanart.
  • Because of the way she flips controls in some of her spell cards, some fans have taken her to be one of the most frustrating bosses ever.
  • Since she can turn things upside down, some fans have speculated her to be Australian.
  • Aside from Ryuko, she's also been shown with Shadow due to visual similarities.