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Ten Desires - Settings and Extra Story.txt

 ○Stage 4 Boss  The Wicked Hermit Who Passes Through Walls

Seiga Kaku
(Nickname: Seiga Nyan Nyan, lit. Lady Seiga)

Species: Wicked Hermit
Ability: the power to pass through walls

Once, she was in awe of the Tao.

When Seiga was young, her father took a liking to the Tao and left her behind to shut himself up in the mountains. Finding herself interested in a book her father had left behind, she read through it over and over, and became attracted to the Tao. She was particularly interested in He Xiangu (Kasenko, one of the eight sages of Taoism), and swore she'd become a hermit one day, too, and meet her father.
As she grew older, she was able to marry into the Kaku family. She led a life without any restrictions on her freedom, but she was unable to throw away her aspirations towards Taoism, and she spent every day depressed. As a result, she practically became a shut-in, never conversing with anyone.

One day, after eight more years had passed, Seiga suddenly said her goodbyes. Her family thought it was odd, but Seiga passed every day asleep in her room, and she never opened her eyes again.

Surprised, a great sadness cast itself over her family, and they buried her utterly lifeless body.

However, she wasn't dead.
While she'd been shut away in her room, she used a technique she'd read about in her book to make a bamboo rod take the form of her own body, making her appear to be dead. That was what her family had buried.

She cast away her worldly life and ran. Yes, she ran to join the world of hermits she'd so yearned for.

―――What sort of journey did she experience after that?
As a hermit, she'd gained a certain amount of power. She maintained her youthful appearance, becoming unaging.
For this reason she also did many things which made her feared by the public. However, the Heavens did not acknowledged her and she became a wicked hermit. She hadn't hesitated to deceive her family in order to fulfill her goal.
It seemed her personality wasn't that good.

She had a tendency to show off her own power in order to spread Taoism. However, Taoists and hermits of her level weren't that unusual in this country. So, she thought she'd move to another country, and headed out for a country in the east she'd never seen before: Japan.

At that time in Japan, Buddhism, which had just spread there from the continent, and Shinto, which placed its faith in Japan's native gods, were locked in battle for supremacy.

Thinking this was the perfect chance, she caught the ear of Toyosatomimi no Miko, who was widely seen as a most virtuous person, and taught her of the charms of Taoism.

She suggested the powerful use Buddhism in politics to keep the people from getting restless, while they used Taoism to attain superhuman strength for themselves.

Since Taoism was a nature-worshipping polytheistic creed, it fit well with the beliefs of Shinto, which held the powerful in Japan to be descendents of the gods. And since its ultimate goal was immortality, it was a compelling alternative for them to the more stoic Buddhism. Miko spoke to her former religious rival Mononobe-shi of her plan a little while after she thought of it.

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