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Fun Facts

  • Her official profile states that she has been married, making her the one of 4 characters to be ever married in a game, the others being Mononobe no Futo, Watatsuki no Toyohime and Watatsuki no Yorihime.
  • While Seiga resurrects Yoshika, she begins to change into a red-like color.
  • "Kaku Seiga" (Written in eastern family-name,given-name order) is the Japanese style reading of "霍青娥". In Standard Chinese style it's read "Huo Qinge". Since she is Chinese, using the latter style is preferred in non Chinese character language sentence. Although for obvious reasons (Mostly because non kanji language natives aren't familiar with the Chinese character system) it's seldom used.
  • "Kaku" (霍) is a Chinese family-name, literary it means "suddenly" in Chinese. "Sei" (青) is "blue" or "fresh" in both Japanese and Chinese, while "Ga" (娥) would be "beautiful" in Chinese.
  • A lot of Japanese people mistake the kanji "Ga" (娥) with "Ga" (蛾), which look quite similar and sounds exactly the same. This is considered unpleasant because that kanji (蛾) means "moth".

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