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Seiga in Fan Culture

  • Fans view Seiga as a caring taker to Yoshika.
  • Because she is a hermit, she is sometimes seen with Kasen Ibara in fan art.
  • When some fans first saw her, they mistook her for a ghost version of Nazrin.
  • Judging by Seiga's relationship with Yoshika and by the fact that she fires more bullets at the player if they knock out Yoshika during the stage 4 fight, some fans consider Seiga a "yandere" towards Yoshika.
  • Due to her nickname "Seiga NyanNyan", several artists have portrayed Seiga as a cat or nekomimi.
  • Some fans believe that her hairstyle was inspired by Otohime Kanpukugu from the fan-made Touhou game Marine Benefit, although this is most likely to be a coincidence as said loopy hairdos were once generic in China.

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