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Spell Card Remilia 1

Swr remilia spc 01

Swr sc remilia 01

No. Remilia 1: 紅符「不夜城レッド」

Scarlet Sign "Red the Nightless Castle"


Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Cost 2 —
Comment: 周囲を赤いオーラで焼き払う技で迎撃能力が高く切り返しの要  縦に射程を持つので空中の敵にも強力なスペルとなる
Translation: This technique which burns away the surroundings with a red aura can easily be used to turn the tables at a critical moment. It's a spell with a scope that can easily hit midair enemies.

Spell Card Remilia 2

Swr remilia spc 02

Swr sc remilia 02

No. Remilia 2: 必殺「ハートブレイク」  

Critical "Heart Break"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Cost 2 —
Comment: 槍状の貫通力が高いオーラを放つ大抵の弾幕を一方的にかき消し 敵を一瞬で貫く        オーラを武器状に収束する系列はバリエーションに富む
Translation: Pierces the enemy in an instant with a spearlike aura attack. Aura can be used as a weapon in many ways.

Spell Card Remilia 3

Swr remilia spc 03

Swr sc remilia 03

No. Remilia 3: 夜符「デーモンキングクレイドル」

Midnight Sign "Demon King Cradle"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Cost 2 —
Comment: 吸血鬼の身体能力を活かした  直接攻撃系のスペルカード   隙は大きいがカード消費に対して威力などのスペックは高め
Translation: Direct attack spell card that uses a Vampire's natural strength. Opening is wide, but the power is high for the energy cost.

Spell Card Remilia 4

Swr remilia spc 04

Swr sc remilia 04

No. Remilia 4: 紅魔「スカーレットデビル」 

Scarlet Devil "Scarlet Devil"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Cost 5 —
Comment: 不夜城レッドの上位版スペル  効果の及ぶ範囲と威力が激増した存在だけで敵を威圧できる   正に赤い悪魔のカードである
Translation: A superior version of Red the Nightless Castle. The damage and attack range are drastically increased. It's definitely a card for a Scarlet Devil.

Spell Card Remilia 5

Swr remilia spc 05

Swr sc remilia 05

No. Remilia 5: 神槍「スピア・ザ・グングニル」 

Divine Spear "Spear the Gungnir"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Cost 4 —
Comment: ハートブレイク上位版     槍のサイズと威力が向上した  速度はもはやレーザーに等しく 距離があっても一瞬で敵を穿つ
Translation: Upgraded Heart Break. The spear's size and power are increased. Its speed is like a laser; even at a distance it can pierce the enemy instantly.

Spell Card Remilia 6

Swr remilia spc 06

Swr sc remilia 06

No. Remilia 6: 夜王「ドラキュラクレイドル」 

Midnight King "Dracula Cradle"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Cost 5 —
Comment: 赤いオーラを纏い弾丸と化す技 打撃に対し圧倒的だが、突進中は飛び道具に無防備なのが唯一の欠点
Translation: A technique where the user is surrounded with a red aura and becomes a bullet. The impact is fierce, but the drawback is that you are vulnerable while in the air.

Spell Card Remilia 7

Swr remilia spc 07

Swr sc remilia 07

No. Remilia 7: 夜符「バッドレディスクランブル」

Midnight Sign "Bad Lady Scramble"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Cost 3 —
Comment: 素早く壁に飛びつき、相手へ向け錐揉み体当たりを仕掛ける   対弾幕貫通力が高く、後方移動で敵を惑わすことも可能である
Translation: Quickly jump up the wall, then ram the enemy with a spinning body blow. It can easily pierce through a barrage, and the enemy can be confused when you move behind them.

Spell Card Remilia 8

Swr remilia spc 08

Swr sc remilia 08

No. Remilia 8: 運命「ミゼラブルフェイト」

Destiny "Miserable Fate"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Cost 3 —
Comment: 鎖の形状をした赤いオーラを発射多数を敵へ向けて伸ばし追跡する
Translation: Fire out many chains made from red aura that chase the enemy.

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