Every Skillcard in the game has been cataloged in this list. Each one contains a screenshot, the name in both English and Japanese, its button combination, and unique comments from the staff of SWR.

List of Characters

All Skill Cards

Card Name # Cost Character Usage
SWR Reimu101 Hakurei Amulet 1 0 orbs Reimu 236B/C
SWR Reimu102 Cautionary Border 2 1 orbs Reimu 214B/C
SWR Reimu103 Dimensional Rift 3 3 orbs Reimu 421B/C
SWR Reimu104 Ascension Kick 4 2 orbs Reimu 623B/C
SWR Reimu105 Youkai Buster 5 0 orbs Reimu 236B/C
SWR Reimu105 Binding Border 6 1 orbs Reimu 214B/C
SWR Reimu107 Demon Sealing Dimensional Rift 7 3 orbs Reimu 421B/C
SWR Reimu108 Sliding Ascension Kick 8 2 orbs Reimu 623B/C
SWR Reimu109 Spread Amulet 9 0 orbs Reimu 236B/C
SWR Reimu110 Permanent Border 10 1 orbs Reimu 214B/C
SWR Reimu111 Instant Dimensional Rift 11 1 orbs Reimu 421B/C
Witch Ley Line Witch Leyline 1 1 orbs Marisa 214B/C
Miasma Sweep Miasma Sweep 2 2 orbs Marisa 623B/C
Ground Stardust Grand Stardust 3 4 orbs Marisa 22B/C
MetDeb Meteonic Debris 4 0 orbs Marisa 236B/C
Radical Strike Radical Strike 5 1 orbs Marisa 214B/C
Bosky Sweeper Bosky Sweeper 6 2 orbs Marisa 423B/C
Devildom Torch Devildom Torch 7 4 orbs Marisa 22B/C
Narrow Spark Narrow Spark 8 0 orbs Marisa 236B/C
Up Sweep Up Sweep 9 1 orbs Marisa 214B/C
Stellar Missile Stellar Missile 10 2 orbs Marisa 623B/C
Green Spread Green Spread 11 0 orbs Marisa 236B/C

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