Spell Card Komachi 1

SWR Komachi Sc1

SWR Komachi Scu1

No. Komachi 1: 舟符「河の流れのように」 

Nautical Sign "Flow of the River"
[Referencing the Hibari Misora song "Kawa no nagare no you ni", same pronounciation.]

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Cost 1 —
Comment: 三途の川の水を少し呼び出し  船に乗って体当たりする豪快な技性質自体はシンプルな突進技
Translation: Calls forth a little bit of the Sanzu River water and thrash the opponent with a boat. Basically a simple charge attack.

Spell Card Komachi 2

SWR Komachi Sc2

SWR Komachi Scu2

No. Komachi 2: 薄命「余命幾許も無し」 

Poor Fate "Short Life expectancy"

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Cost 3 —
Comment: 敵の体力を半分に削る恐ろしい技性質上試合の早い内に当てれば 大きな成果を得られる反面   機を逸すると消費に見合わない為的確な運用が要求される
Translation: A fearsome skill that cuts the opponent's life in half. Hitting with this skill early in the match is very advantageous, but on the flip side it is very costly so use precisely.

Spell Card Komachi 3

SWR Komachi Sc3

SWR Komachi Scu3

No. Komachi 3: 霊符「何処にでもいる浮遊霊」

Spirit Sign "Abundant Floating Spirits"

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Cost 1 —
Comment: 広範囲に幽霊をばら撒く射撃  攻撃範囲が広く幽霊は画面内を ふらふらと長時間滞在する
Translation: A shot that spreads ghosts over a wide area. The attack range is wide and the ghosts stay floating on the screen for a long time.

Spell Card Komachi 4

SWR Komachi Sc4

SWR Komachi Scu4

No. Komachi 4: 死歌「八重霧の渡し」

Death Song "Ferriage in the Deep Fog"
[See StB, Spell card 10-3]

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Cost 3 —
Comment: 幽霊を先導して群れを作りだす技幽霊は先導に従って気ままに飛びダメージを与える弾幕になる  実は職権乱用技らしい
Translation: A skill that leads the ghosts to form into a pack. The ghosts following the lead will naturally become damaging danmaku. It's actually an abuse of power.

Spell Card Komachi 5

SWR Komachi Sc5

SWR Komachi Scu5

No. Komachi 5: 換命「不惜身命、可惜身命」 

Exchange "Unpitiable, Pitiable Life"

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Cost 5 —
Comment: 体力を入れ替える前代未聞の技 ピンチが一瞬でチャンスに変わり態と攻撃される事すら可能になるそんな技が簡単に当たる事は無く消費も発生速度も重いカード
Translation: The unprecedented psyche-switching skill. It's possible to turn crisis into opportunity instantly, but this skill doesn't hit easily, is costly, and has a long casting delay.

Spell Card Komachi 6

SWR Komachi Sc6

SWR Komachi Scu6

No. Komachi 6: 恨符「未練がましい緊縛霊」

Malice Sign "Irresolute Bound Spirit"

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Cost 3 —
Comment: 強力な誘導性を持つ悪霊を呼ぶ 悪霊は敵に纏わり付き追尾するが特にこれといった攻撃はしない しゃがみ強射での活性爆発専用技
Translation: Call upon strong homing demonic spirits. The spirits follow the enemy but do not attack. Down+C makes them explode.

Spell Card Komachi 7

SWR Komachi Sc7

SWR Komachi Scu7

No. Komachi 7: 死符「死者選別の鎌」

Death Sign "Scythe of Final Judgement"

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Cost 4 —
Comment: 地面に鎌を打ち込み、上空から 相手の頭上に射撃を落下させる 相手をサーチして落ちてくる反面動く相手には空振りしやすい
Translation: Striking the scythe on the ground, and shots will fall above the opponents from the sky. Catches the opponent wherever she is but can be easily grazed.

Spell Card Komachi 8

SWR Komachi Sc8

SWR Komachi Scu8

No. Komachi 8: 地獄「無間の狭間」

Hell "Narrow Confines of Avici"

Owner: Komachi Onozuka
Cost 3 —
Comment: 敵を斬り付けると同時に横移動を阻害する場を作り出す     効果中は間合いの主導権は小町が完全に掌握することが出来る
Translation: Slash at the enemy and prevent horizontal movements at the same time. Komachi can completely control the initiative as long as the effect lasts.

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