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Skill Card Alice 1

Aliceskill1 No. Alice 1: 人形操創
Doll Placement
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: 人形を定位置に固定させ攻撃する ボタンで設置位置を選択可能で 相手を縛る機雷となる基本技
Translation: Places a doll into position and makes it attack. The position depends on the button used, so it's a basic skill that ties the opponent down with mines.
Usage: Default 236B/C

Skill Card Alice 2

Aliceskill2 No. Alice 2: 人形無操
Volatile Doll
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 魔力を込めた人形を発射し離脱 人形は衝撃を受けると爆発する
Translation: Fires magically-charged dolls and then draws back. The dolls explode on impact.
Usage: Default 623B/C

Skill Card Alice 3

Aliceskill3 No. Alice 3: 人形置操
Doll Arrangement
Cost: 1 Orb
Comment: 上空に複数の人形を待機させた後それらに時間差で攻撃を行わせる
Translation: Places several dolls above in waiting, then makes them attack successively.
Usage: Default 214B/C

Skill Card Alice 4

Aliceskill4 No. Alice 4: 人形振起
Doll Activation
Cost: 4 Orbs
Comment: 強射撃で待機状態の人形を使い 周辺を攻撃させる設置系の技  大量に設置をしておけば大威力 広範囲に攻撃することが出来る
Translation: Leaves dolls idle for later activation using C. If you place a lot, you can set up a high-powered wide range attack.
Usage: 22B/C

Skill Card Alice 5

Aliceskill5 No. Alice 5: 人形帰巣
Returning Dolls
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: 投げた人形をブーメランのように引き戻して攻撃する特殊な射撃 行きも攻撃力を持つためアリスに珍しく直接攻撃能力も高い
Translation: Fires so that the thrown doll comes back like a boomerang. A direct attack that has speed and power, a rare thing for Alice.
Usage: 236B/C

Skill Card Alice 6

Aliceskill6 No. Alice 6: 人形火葬
Doll Cremation
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 魔力を込めた人形を投げつける こちらは着弾までが遅い代わりに本体との同時攻撃を可能にした
Translation: Throws magically-charged dolls. The projectiles are slow enough for Alice to attack simultaneously.
Usage: 623B/C

Skill Card Alice 7

Aliceskill7 No. Alice 7: 人形千槍
Thousand Spear Dolls
Cost: 1 Orb
Comment: 周囲に武器を持った人形を集め 前方への突きを連射する近接攻撃 人形による攻撃だが打撃扱いで グレイズでの回避は出来ない
Translation: A close-range attack that gathers dolls with weapons and has them jab forward repeatedly. It uses dolls, but it's a melee attack and so cannot be grazed.
Usage: 214B/C

Skill Card Alice 8

Aliceskill8 No. Alice 8: 人形SP
SP Doll

[Security Police]

Cost: 4 Orbs
Comment: 弱で人形を周囲にストックし  強でストック消費して攻撃を行う最大三つまで待機する事が可能で最大時に弱で全てを同時に放出できる
Translation: B button places a doll around you in orbit. C button expends a doll to attack. At most 3 dolls can be in orbit, when that happens, B button releases all 3 dolls in attack.
Usage: 22B/C

Skill Card Alice 9

Aliceskill9 No. Alice 9: 大江戸爆薬からくり人形
Edo High-Explosive Pawn
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 自走能力の有る人形爆弾を投擲 人形は地上をゆっくりと歩き  接近、衝撃等を受けると爆発する画面上に出せるのは一つまで
Translation: Throws self-propelled doll grenades. The dolls walk slowly and explode on contact. There can only be one of these on the screen at a time.
Usage: 623B/C

Skill Card Alice 10

Aliceskill10 No. Alice 10: シーカーワイヤー
Seeker Wire
Cost: 4 Orbs
Comment: 強射撃で待機中の人形で屈折する反射光線を発射する技 光線は全ての人形を経由し最後は相手へ向けて飛来する
Translation: C button launches a reflecting beam from idle dolls. The beam passes through all dolls and finally goes flying toward the opponent.
Usage: 22B/C

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