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Almost a year has passed since the shrine maiden went to the mountain.

The Hakurei Shrine's crisis was averted without incident, and a sweltering summer has visited the shrine as usual.

However, the shrine maiden has been afflicted with an unusual continuing drought.




Even during sudden cloudbursts, almost no rain would fall on the shrine.

But that's not all - rain continues unabated over the forest, and at the mansion that's usually hidden behind thick mists, snow falls out of season...

It was an amazing incident of abnormal weather.





Nobody had any idea what was behind the strange weather.

But, it was obvious with a glance at the big picture ...

The one plagued by incessant sun, the one under a deluge of constant rain, the one enveloped in deep mist ...

Yes, their strange weather only continued around them, personally.






But the real crisis would probably start once the strange weather patterns collided.

That glimpse of the weather crisis' true nature signalled the start of the incident's resolution in a manner that resounded across the land.

- A great earthquake strong enough to reduce the shrine to ruins.

Nobody knew why she was the only one to feel its effects,

but it was enough to send the shrine maiden out to find the cause of the incident.

東方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

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