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Marisa wins Reimu

Marisa じゃあな
See ya.
Down in the dumps because the shrine collapsed?
Marisa 地震で建物が倒壊すると屋根が落ちてくるんだな When buildings get destroyed by earthquake, the roofs are going to come crashing down.
Marisa もっと自由に天気を変えられたらいいのにな



It'd be nice if I can change the weather easily...

Make it sunny when I'm heading out,
make it sunny when I'm staying in, too....

Can't really think of a reason to make wind and rain.

Marisa wins herself

Marisa イメージトレーニングは百戦百一勝! I'm winning 101 matches out of 100 in image training!

Marisa wins Sakuya

Marisa 天気がこうだと宴会が出来ないな
There can't be a feast in this weather.
We could hold it inside your place.

Marisa wins Alice

Marisa 人形の首を沢山吊そうぜ
Go hang a lot of doll heads.
That way it's bound to be sunny.

[She's referring to the teru teru bozu.]

Marisa wins Patchouli

Marisa 耐水性に優れた本もあるんだな
You've got waterproof books as well.
I bet you could even read those in the bath.
Marisa そういえば、お前んとこの何か汚れた本が


Huh, looks like you've let some of your books
get pretty dirty.

You should wipe 'em off if you spill something on 'em.

Marisa wins Youmu

Marisa 天叢雲 (あめのむらくも)って知ってるか?



Do you know the Ame-no-Murakumo?

Clouds hang over the head of the wielder all the time.

Maybe the person holding that sword is the culprit.

[Kourin has the sword.]

Marisa 剣は雨にも弱いんじゃないか?
Isn't it bad for a sword to be in the rain?
Or is it good for washing off blood?

Marisa wins Remilia

Marisa 雨は苦手なんだろ?
Aren't you weak to rain?
Don't come out for nothing.

Marisa wins Yuyuko

Marisa 幽霊は冷たいからな
Since ghosts are cold, it'd be chilly even if it didn't snow.

Marisa wins Yukari

Marisa なんで晴れてるのに雨が降ってるのを
Why is it called a fox's wedding when it rains while the sun is shining?

[According to folklore, at a fox's wedding (kitsune no yomeiri) rain falls from a cloudless sky.]

Marisa なんで晴れてるのに雨が降ってるのを


Why is it called "weather rain" when it rains while the sun is shining?

Are they saying that weathers other than sunny aren't weathers?

[Sunshowers are called weather rain (tenkiame) in Japan.]

Marisa wins Suika

Marisa 雲って、何が集まった物なんだ?
A cloud is a gathering of things, isn't it?
Can't you ride one?

Marisa wins Reisen

Marisa 来年こそは筍採りにお前んとこ行くぜ You better go harvest this bamboo next year.
Marisa 筍って美味しいよな



Bamboo is tasty
but it's out-of-season already...

Now that I think of it, the kanji for "bamboo season" is read as "takenoko"

Making it longer just made it useless
What a pity.

Marisa wins Aya

Marisa 良いこと思いついたぜ。新聞に天気予報を
I've thought of something nice. Why don't you try
putting a weather forecast in the newspaper? Wouldn't that sell?

Marisa wins Komachi

Marisa 河童にモーターボートでも作ってもらったらどうだ?
How about have the kappa make you a motor boat?
It'd make your job fun.

Marisa wins Iku

Marisa お前は雲を泳げるのか?
You're swimming in the clouds?
Looks like it feels good.

Marisa wins Tenshi

Marisa 天界暮らしは優雅で良さそうだなぁ
Living an elegant life in the heavens would be great,
unless you're afraid of heights.

Marisa wins someone

Marisa 茸にとっては適度な湿度がいいんかな
Mushrooms need humidity.
This recent rapid growth of forest mushrooms is weird.
Marisa 雨ばっかだと運動不足になるな
I'm not getting much exercise in this rain.
It'd be great if I can exercise in my home.

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