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Tenshi Hinanawi, the final boss of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, a celestial being from the heavens with the power to control the Earth itself. Tenshi wields the Scarlet Sword, and is responsible for the earthquake that leveled the Hakurei Shrine, though her actions are out of boredom induced curiosity with life below the heavens.

Although she has been around the block a few times in terms of nerfs, Tenshi remains a very solid character. By the time Hisou Tensoku arrived, Tenshi's main attraction, her rock drills, have been nerfed in block/hitstun, recovery time, chaining ability, just about everything. Despite that, they retain enough stun to be usable and most of her C projectiles were left untouched.

Advantages: Her rock drills have the greatest projectile stun in the game, second only to maybe a staggered Cirno 6B. Her C lasers, while slow, are very thick and have a considerable combo time before they can be teched out of. 2C has a range of cover that shouldn't be underestimated. She has two powerful reversal spellcards that even got turned into a harder-to-use (but still useful) 623 skillcard in Hisou Tensoku. She also has possibly the greatest utility out of all the other characters in the game- a superarmor card, a boomerang projectile skill, an almost invincibility-on-demand 623, a shield rock skill, a delayed tremor rock skill, an extremely quick graze attack, a super that stops enemies from receiving weather effects and a laser super that gains considerable power when used under a weather effect while simultaneously canceling it out.

Disadvantages: Her melee is a bit uneasy. 3A has a fairly large range that falls just short of 'long', making it easy to whiff on accident with a very vulnerable recovery. If you try and Dial-A someone and the first hit happens to counterhit, the entire combo gets invalidated. Due to nerfs, chaining her rock drills and executing blockstrings is a very difficult business. Her j.5A has a very small range centered more towards the right of her sprite than it is towards the bottom of it. Overall, her drills and melee will require some patience to get used to.

Hisoutensoku Changes

  • Tenshi got a new bullet : 5B.
  • Her rock drill bullet is now 6B and is chargeable.
  • 3A and f.5A are chargeable.
  • Sword of the Earth (214BC) , Pillars of Divine Punishment (22BC) and Beams of Non-Perception (236BC) can be used in the air at lvl 1.
  • C version of Beams of Non-Perception (236BC) now cover a wider area.
  • The keystones Tenshi summons during Guarding Keystones now rotate anticlockwise around her and she can now launch them in the air.
  • Tenshi can no longer fill her card slots during Temperament "State of Enlightenment" (super armor spellcard).

Hisoutensoku 1.10 Changes


  • Spirit damage slightly reduced.
  • 3A: Recovery slightly increased but moves Tenshi slightly forward.
  • J2A: Speed increased. Faster recovery.
  • J6A: Active frames greatly reduced.
  • JA: Increased recovery time.
  • 66B: No more back stagger, increasing reliability.
  • 66C: Position of the hitbox has been changed. Attack hitbox is smaller, Tenshi's body hitbox is larger. Recovery time slightly increased.


  • Non-Conceptual Power: Fewer lasers at Lv0.
  • Heaven and Earth Press: No longer causes spirit damage. Rock size increased at Lv3.
  • Temperament Sword of Scarlet Perception: Distance increased. Number of hits increased.
  • Sword of Scarlet Perception: Can now increase the number of hits by repeatedly pressing your attack button.
  • Rising Thrust: Invulnerability frames from air version removed. Can now recover from using the air version.
  • Sword of the Earth: Time until a HJC is accepted is greatly increased.
  • Six Earthquakes: Damage decreased.
  • Sword of Karma: Travel distance increased.
  • Pillars of Divine Punishment: Spirit damage reduced. Duration reduced. Now summons two pillars from Lv0. C version places the pillars at a greater distance.
  • Guarding Keystones: Shield duration increased. Travel distance greatly decreased, increasing with level. Damage reduced.
  • Earth Spirit's Awakening: Can now place two rocks, B & C version. The rocks have a small attack if you let them expire.


  • Earth Sign "Sword of the Unletting Soil": Recovery increased. Will now do 2 hits even near the wall. Blockstun reduced in the corner.
  • Non-perception "Sword of Rapture": Duration increased. Hitbox changed.
  • Heaven Sign "Sword of the Divine Justice": Will now hit crouching opponents. Damage decreased
  • Weather "Scarlet Weather Persuasion": Damage increased. Spirit damage reduced. Counterhit frames added to the beginning.
  • Earthquake "Sword of Worry and Joy": Damage greatly reduced. Increased number of hits.
  • Temperament Sign "Meteorological Revelation": Damage when used in weather increased. Bugfix: will now cause bonus damage during cloudy weather.
  • "Scarlet Weather Rapture": Now has super armor near the beginning, small gap near activation without. Duration slightly increased. Ground version's recovery slightly increased. Air version's recovery decreased. Falling speed after using in the air increased.

Normal Moves

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes
Close 5A A kick. Starts her 5AAA autocombo. 400 93% High 0%
5AA A mid kick followed by a stomp. 400+500 (859) 92% (85.5%) High, Low



5AAA A mid kick followed by a stomp and then a shove.





High, Low, High



Smash Attack.
Far 5A Tenshi holds a rock with both hands and swings it down. In the corner, will bounce the enemy off of the corner and open them up for further attack. 600 90% High 0%
Far 5[A] Same as Far 5A. 750 90% High 0% Guardcrushes if blocked low.
2A Tenshi leans on a rock and does a low kick. 420 92% Low 0%
3A A quarter-circle slash. Has a huge hitbox, enough juggle time on hit to easily follow up. Cancellable on block or hit. Very good. 700 85% High 40% Rift Attack.
3[A] Same as 3A 850 85% High 40% Rift Attack. Guard crushes if blocked low.
6A Tenshi does a slash with her sword. 650 85% High 40% Smash Attack
6[A] Same as 6A. 950 85% High 40% Smash Attack. Guard crushes if blocked low.
j.5A An air kick; her primary jump-in. Few active frames and an awkward angle often make it unwieldy. The hitbox is a square around her boot, along with a second square slightly to the top-left encompassing part of the bottom of her dress. 450 90% Mid 0%
j.6A Tenshi summons three rocks around her and they rotate. Also moves Tenshi forward and up slightly.
1.10 Change: Shorter duration.
750 80% Mid 40% Smash Attack. Wallslams.
j.8A An air backflip, much like Yuyuko's j.8A. 850 85% High 40% Smash Attack.
j.2A Tenshi rides a rock and dives down to the ground in a straight line. Punishable if miss or blocked. Slow startup but fast descent. 850 85%/80% High 40% Smash Attack.
66A A dashing kick, dashing version of her 5A. 550 92% High 0% Smash Attack.
66B Tenshi rides a rock and start spinning above it, doing up to 3 hits. Punishable on block. Can be used to set up anti-air spell cards.



95%, 95%(90.2%), 95%(85.7%) Low


Rift Attack.
66C Her 3rd strike of her 5AAA combo. Tenshi uses both arms to push her opponent. 800 80% Mid 40% Smash Attack. Wallslams. Grazes.

Bullet Moves

Move Description Max Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes
5B Tenshi throws a small rock at her opponent. It has much faster start-up, but only hits one time and with small hitstun. 450 92% 1 10%
6B A rock drill. Hits 6 times. Combos into itself at almost any distance (by hjcing), insane frame advantage on block or hit. This and variations of this are most certainly her best projectile. As of Hisoutensoku, you'll need to delay a bit before attempting to chain into a highjump or special. Immediate inputs after firing will be ignored.








6[B] Same as 6B, but hits 8 times.








2B A rock drill aimed upward. It comes out faster and can be hjc'd faster than 5B. It will probably hit less times than 5B on ground block, though, due to its angle. Also, it will whiff some crouchers even at close distances. Some use as anti-air. This one cannot be charged.








j.5B Same as 5B. 450 92% 1 10%
j.2B Same as 6B, but angled downwards.








j.2[B] Same as 6B, but angled downwards and hits up to 8 times instead of 6.








j.6B Same as 6B.








j.6[B] Same as 6[B].








5C Tenshi throws out her rock (no hitbox) and it shoots 10 little line bullets forward. Quite fast once it comes out and very good penetrative power, use against people spamming projectiles to destroy your drills. Whiffs at point blank. 200 97% 10 5%
2C Tenshi sits on her rock and strikes it with her sword, sending 10 little line bullets in a circular formation. A deceptively powerful move, as it covers almost all angles towards Tenshi. The lasers all cause a considerably large delay before the enemy can tech, and are important in most of Tenshi's air combos. Their density isn't too bad, either, and considering the recovery time on drills this can be used as a substitute for general bullet cover prior to an assault. Also, they can counterhit, making them more useful than other bullets because there's only one actual hit involved. Will whiff on most enemies if you're both standing at a distance. 200 97% 10 5%
j.5C Same as 5C. 200 97 10 5%
j.2C Same as 2C. 200 97 10 5%

Special Moves

Non-Conceptual Power: 236B/C

Forms a horizontal cone of heavenly beams that hit up to 21 times (more hits closer up). Has a blindspot. Has a lot of pushback. Completely stops all movement momentum. Deals 33% chip damage. Can be used in the air starting from level1. Breaks up to 2.4 orbs. Has 25 frames advantage on block if high-jump-canceled.

  • B Version: Fires the beams close together.
  • C Version: The cone of beams spreads out vertically.
Non-Conceptual Sabre: 623B/C

Tenshi takes her sword and rushes forward with a swipe. Grazes until the actual swipe is performed. Tenshi performs the swipe immediately upon reaching the enemy regardless of distance tread. This is a melee move. Hits low. The hitstun difference between right and wrong block is 6 frames.

  • B Version: Shorter ranged. -11f on rightblock.
  • C Version: Goes one character-length further forward. -14f on rightblock.
Sword of the Earth: 214B/C

Holds a sword ceremony to call upon a wave of rock spines on the ground beneath. Has a lot of pushback. Completely stops all movement momentum. Deals 25% chip damage. Can be used in the air starting from level1.

  • B Version: Shorter ranged.
  • C Version: More horizontal range.
Pillars of Divine Punishment: 22B/C

Tenshi points to the heavens and drops a huge rock pillar into the ground either in front or behind her depending on which button is used. At max level, both pillars are summoned per button. Each summoned pillar stays for a while and blocks incoming bullets. Can be used in the air starting from level1. Breaks 2 orbs on block.

  • B Version: Rock falls behind Tenshi.
  • C Version: Rock drops in front.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 change: From now on, Tenshi always drops 2 pillars. Leveling increases the time they stay on screen. Level 0 pillars don't stay on screen at all.

  • B Version: Rocks drop in melee range.
  • C Version: Rocks drop further away.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

B Version: Stall time is about two second max - rocks collide about two heads in front of Tenshi.
C Version: Stall time is about four seconds max - the rocks collide about a quarter of the stage in front of Tenshi.

Hisou Tensoku

B Version: The rocks float from a much closer distance to Tenshi to start, and collide directly in front of her. It can be stalled for about 1 second to collide one character length away. The ground B version, it should be noted, comes out almost instantly and is faster than all the other versions.
C Version: The rocks float from a much higher distance to start, and collide about 1.5 character lengths away. It can be stalled for about 3 seconds to collide almost one screen away. The ground and aerial version are identical.

Alternate Skill Cards

Te236bc2 Heaven and Earth Press -- 236BC:Two large rocks appear at the top and bottom of Tenshi. If you only input the command and let go of the button, the rocks will float a bit then immediately fly out and collide about one head in front of Tenshi. However, you also have the option of holding the button after the command, stalling the rocks for a while. The amount of stall time determines how far ahead of Tenshi they collide. This move can also be used in air with the same properties, except Tenshi will not move from where she is until the move is finished. Levelling increases the damage. The spot where these rocks collide is ungrazable, while the rocks themselves can be grazed.Scarlet Weather RhapsodyB Version: Stall time is about two second max - rocks collide about two heads in front of Tenshi.C Version: Stall time is about four seconds max - the rocks collide about a quarter of the stage in front of Tenshi.Hisou Tensoku::B Version: The rocks float from a much closer distance to Tenshi to start, and collide directly in front of her. It can be stalled for about 1 second to collide one character length away. The ground B version, it should be noted, comes out almost instantly and is faster than all the other versions.
C Version: The rocks float from a much higher distance to start, and collide about 1.5 character lengths away. It can be stalled for about 3 seconds to collide almost one screen away. The ground and aerial version are identical.
Temperament Sword of Scarlet Perception -- 236B/C: (Expansion-only)Tenshi slashes upward, creating a red wave above, and then downward, creating a red wave in front of her. As it is upgraded, the waves will become noticably larger. The entire attack can be grazed, so it's not very useful outside of combos. However, it can be used as a projectile-counter of sorts, as the hitbox between the first slash and the second destroys almost all projectiles. Also whiffs the second hit at point blank.:: B Version: B and C version appear completely identical.:: C Version: B and C version appear completely identical.
Sword of Scarlet Perception -- 623B or C:

Tenshi uses her sword to slash a nearby opponent. Ungrazable.

B Version: Two cuts at the enemy, and is fairly fast.
C Version: Three slashes at the enemy, the last one launches the opponent very high into the air. Be careful as this last hit often misses.

A skill card with interesting properties, but in practice is situational at best. This is best used as a combo finisher, but can also function as a short-range anti-air.

1.10 change: This move now inflicts additional limit with the first hits aswell, instead of only adding limit on the last hit.

Rising Thrust -- 623B/C: (Expansion-only)This is basically a special move version of her Heaven Sign "Sword of the Divine Justice" spell card. It is noticably slower on rise than said spell card. It has complete invulnerability at the start, but only prior to the actual attack frames. Nevertheless, it works well as a reversal, to the point of practically being a guard reversal card in and of itself if you can find a split second opening in blockstrings. Can be used in the air.:: B Version: Tenshi dives upward diagonally for a small distance.:: C Version: Tenshi dives upward diagonally for a large distance.Unfortunately, this alt skill card comes with all of the same flaws the spell card does, including its horrible recovery. Do not whiff this skill if you can or you will be punished.
Six Earthquakes -Signs- -- 214BC:

Tenshi raises her sword into the air and slams it down after a short delay, causing an earthquake to shake the ground. Damages and knocks down the opponent anywhere as long as they are on the ground when the earthquake starts. Ungrazeable so it catches people who hold 6D on wakeup. Drains one spirit orb if blocked high.
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

B Version: B and C version appear completely identical.
C Version: B and C version appear completely identical.

Hisou Tensoku

B Version: Earthquake happens right when the sword hits the ground.
C Version: Earthquake happens approx. 1.5 seconds after sword hits the ground.

Sword of Karma -- 214B/C: (Expansion-only)Tenshi throws her sword out like a boomerang. It hits the opponent multiple times, and levelling increases the damage and number of hits (5/6/6/7). It then winds back to her. When she catches it, she is knocked backwards in a recovery animation for a moment, cancelling any action she may be in. Notably, this will cut short even massive spellcard whiffs. This knockback is with respect to Tenshi's facing, not the sword's approach. If caught in the air, Tenshi is knocked slightly upwards as well. While the sword is in flight, if she uses any move that involves her sword it will disappear from wherever it currently is on the field and return to Tenshi with no recovery animation.Leveling increases both damage and density. At level MAX, the sword can cut cleanly through Utsuho's 5C bullet.

B Version: Tenshi throws her sword straight forward.

C Version: Tenshi throws her sword forward and upward at a diagonal.

Complete list of moves which cancel Sword of Karma's flight - 3A, 6A (merely drawing the sword works, as this applies to the 6[A] tackle), 2C, j.2C, Left Holding Fan system card, Card Eating Medicine system card, Robe of the Dragon Fish system card, Temperament Sword of Scarlet Perception alt 236, any 214 series (including using this move again), Sword of Perception default 623 (only during the actual swipe, the graze movement can be interrupted), Sword of Scarlet Perception alt 623, Earth Sign spellcard, Non-perception spellcard, Earthquake spellcard, Temperament Sign spellcard, Temperament spellcard, and Swordplay spellcard.

Guarding Keystones -- 22BC:

After a bit of start up, four small rocks rise from the ground and circle around Tenshi. The first 22B/C summons while on the ground, the second launches one (B) or all (C) of the rocks and can be used in the air. The rocks will cancel some bullets, both before and after launch, so it works as a temporary shield. Disappears after a set amount of time. Leveling will increase the density of the rocks (making it a more effective shield), together with the duration it lasts (around 4/5/6/7 seconds).

B Version: One rock at a time will launch directly towards the opponent.
C Version: All remaining rocks will slowly fly towards the opponent while continuing their circular motion.
Earth Spirit's Awakening -- 22B/C: (Expansion-only)Tenshi will raise a rock drill and throw it into the ground (hitting the opponent on the way down if they're in the way). It will then pulsate three times before disappearing. If Tenshi uses any physical attack on this rock, it will do one of three things based on how many times it has pulsated. If it has pulsated zero times, it will just be shattered. Once, it will cause a single hit earthquake that knocks down. Twice, it will cause a large multi-hit earthquake that knocks down. Three times will cause a massive multi-hit earthquake that knocks down. Once the keystone has been placed into the ground, it will only transform into weather crystals if Tenshi is knocked down, not if she is merely struck for damage. It takes 2 seconds for each of the first two pulses, and 3 seconds for the third pulse. Levelling increases the damage and the amount of time before the keystone harmlessly breaks on its own after the third pulse. You can have a B drill and a C drill on the ground at the same time.:: B Version: Tenshi throws the rock drill downward onto her position.:: C Version: Tenshi throws the rock drill a short ways forward from her position.



Earth Sign "Sword of the Unyielding Soil": Costs 2 cards. Larger, powered up version of default 214B/C skill. Best used when you're closer to the wall, to get the most hits out of it. Up to 4 hits. 800-2364 damage, 10%-40% Limit and 92%-71.6% prorate.


Non-Perception "Sword of Rapture" : Costs 2 cards. Hits twice, first hit deals no damage but stuns the opponent for appx. 2 sec and 40% limit. Last hit deals 2000 damage and strikes the opponent. Does very low damage, stops the enemy from getting the weather effect for a short period of time. 2000 Damage minus 21.6% Rate = 1568 Damage.


Heaven Sign "Sword of the Divine Justice": Costs 3 cards. Tenshi charges diagonally upwards, hitting the enemy in the process. Little horizontal hitbox. A decent anti-air spellcard, if you fail it then the recovery is so bad they will get a guaranteed combo on you. Can be comboed from certain normals. Deals 2500 damage, 40% limit and 62.5% prorate.


Swordplay "Sword of Spirited Boasting": Costs 3 cards (Expansion-only). A fierce 9-hit sword combination that does approx. 3076 damage, with 51.8% prorate and 100% limit total. It has short range, but very fast start-up and is guaranteed to knock them down.


Weather "Scarlet Weather Persuasion": Costs 3 cards (Expansion-only). Tenshi fires a large number of red orbs forward in a spread formation that does approx 1500-1600 damage. Hits 100% limit before the spell card even finishes, so if the opponent is hit they will pretty likely be knocked down. It has poor startup, but covers a wide area.


Temperament Sign "Meteorological Revelation": Costs 4 cards. Tenshi stabs forward with her sword, firing a thin red blast of energy. May knock the opponent towards Tenshi if used in the corner, causing it to deal significantly less damage. Very fast and very easy to combo into though. This does more damage when a weather condition is effect (4929 damage and 50% limit with weather, 2258 damage and 25% limit without). Another thing is that this spellcard immediately cancels whatever weather effect is in place. Can be combo'd into with 5AA 2B for 4442 damage. Extra damage function will not work in Cloudy weather in Hisou Tensoku.


Temperament "State of Enlightenment": Costs 4 cards. Super Armor for a limited amount of time. Tenshi also takes less damage during this spellcard.


Earthquake "Sword of Worry and Joy": Costs 5. cards. Tenshi stabs the ground with her sword, causing a small tremor. Two more tremors will follow afterward, before a shockwave finally shakes the ground. The shockwave causes 7 hits. The tremors do nothing. This spellcard will only hit if the target is on the ground. Ignores blocking. 500-4093 damage, 5%-55% limit and 94%-55% prorate.


Keystone "World Creation Press": Costs 5 cards.Expanded version of Sword of the Divine Justice. Tenshi charges diagonally upwards, hitting the enemy in the process and rides a giant keystone back to the Earth which also hits the enemy. Both her upwards ascent and the keystone itself deal damage, the main chunk of damage inflicted by the keystone, making it a good anti-air super. At certain positions, Tenshi can followup with a 2A just as she recovers, prior to the enemy hitting the ground. After that, you can 2B or 3A or similar moves. Inflicts approximately 5000 damage in total. If Tenshi hits the opponent with her charge (1200 damage, 96% rate and 10% limit) and then with her keystone (5000 damage, 70% rate and 40% rate), she will do 4901 damage, 67.2% rate and 50% limit.


"Scarlet Weather Rhapsody of All Humankind": Costs 5 cards. An enormous scarlet laser aimed diagonally downwards. Inflicts great damage (5851). Can be used in the air. Has long startup, but invincible for the duration of the laser. Can be combo'd from Near-Corner/Corner 5AAA, 3A with good timing, Midscreen/Near-corner 6A, 66C Midscreen/Near-Corner, CH 66C in corner, and CH j.2A but will only net you 3000-3700 dmg. Also drains the duration for the current weather rapidly.


All combos involving B bullets are now much harder due to their decreased hitstun/blockstun after SWR v1.03.

All ranges
  • 5AA 2B j.2B j.3D j.5A 5AA 2B 623C/214B - 3470 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 4
Notes: 'Hard' is an understatement. Requires very precise j.2B and j.5A timing, otherwise Tenshi will float too far up and miss her drill or won't be able to chain seamlessly into 5AA.
  • 5AA 2B 5C 623C - 2478-3222 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: the timing of the last hit is a bit awkward. Use this if you have trouble with Tenshi's above bnb. Damage varies greatly depending on the height of your opponent.
  • 5AA 2B 5C alt 214B - maximum around 3419 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Requires Six Earthquakes -Signs- alt skill. Damage may varies depending on your position AND the height of your opponent, midscreen/near-corner net you most damage.
  • 2A 3A 2B 2C alt 623B/C - 2130 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Slightly easier, requires Rising Thrust Hisou Tensoku alt skill. You can insert (hj.9 j.5A) prior to the Rising Thrust if you wish.
  • 2A 3A 2B 2C hj9 j.A j.6A/j.8A - 2110 Damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Delay between the 3A & 2B, otherwise the 2B will hit once and the j.A will whiff. 2B should hit 5 times. If you don't limit with j.8A for whatever reason, follow up with j.2C.
  • 5AA 2B 214B j.A j.6A/j.8A - 2679/2712 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Use j.8A if seeking damage, j.6A if forward movement. Use this on smaller characters in the corner.
  • 5A/f.5A 3A 2B hj9 j.5A j.8A - 1650-2300 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Very, very, very spacing dependent. Infinitely easier to perform by leaving out the j.5A
  • 66C 66C 5A 2B - 1753 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Projectile counter.
  • 6B hj9 j.6B j.6D j.A 5AA 2B 623C - 3057 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 5
Notes: For those lucky far drills that connect. Works even at full-screen.
  • 5AA 2B 8hjc j.2B 6HS j.5A j.2B 66 j.5A 5AAA - 3511 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Requires very precise j.2B and j.5A timing. Most damageing midscreen combo Tenshi has.
  • j.A j.8A j.2C 8/9D j.A j.8A j.2C - 2268 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Basic air-to-air combo. Works almost everywhere but is easier in the corner. Second j.A may not work 100% of the time depending on the situation, so you may stick simply to j.8A to be safe. Sometimes will limit, sometimes won't.
  • 6A Wallslam 5B hj9 j.5C 6D j.5A j.8A - 1800-2266 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2-3+
Notes: Depending on vertical spacing, j.5C can induce limit knockdown, cutting the combo's spirit orb usage at the cost of dealing minimum combo damage.
  • j.A j.6A j.5C 7/9D j.6A
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Air-to-Air

Note: Most of Tenshi's 'All Ranges' combos are slightly easier in the corner, so be sure to refer up there.

  • 5AAA 5A/2A 2B 2C 623 (Rising Thrust) - ~2500 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Corner BnB. Does more damage. May also do 5AAA 5A/2A 2B 623C alt (Sword of Scarlet Perception) for more damage, 2700.
  • j.A j.8A j.2C 7/9D j.A j.6A j.2C
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Situational Air-to-Air. See anti-air under under 'All Ranges' for a better version.
  • 5AAA 5A 2B 2C hj9 j.5A j.8A - 2796-2853 damage, 125%-130% limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Corner BnB, no skillcards needed. Timing slightly varies against different characters. Substituting j.6A for j.8A, omitting 2C, or omitting j.5A all make the combo easier to perform, but at the cost of less damage.
  • f.5A 6A 2B 5C - 2197 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Spacing dependent, hard to do if the opponent is all the way into the corner.


Weather Related

Typhoon: Temperament Sign "Meteorological Revelation" was made for this weather. Hit them with 5AA 2B and then follow up with this and be amused as the weather is canceled out just as the laser goes through their chest.

Dust Storm: Most 5AA-opened combos won't work in here, so stick to 2A/3A and even f.5A. Also try and take advantage of stray counterhit lasers from 2C.

Scorching Sun: Plenty of Tenshi's attacks, especially her earthquake moves, are ground based and will only hit those with their feet on the ground. This usually makes your opponent jump/fly a lot on approach and retreat. In Scorching Sun, however, staying in the air drains quite a bit of health, giving your opponent a tough choice.

Calm: If Tenshi uses Temperament "State of Enlightenment" while she has the spotlight , it won't switch to the opponent even if she gets hit . Which means the opponent can't do anything to prevent Tenshi from healing herself except using a weather card .

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