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“Hmph. These vampire attacks are growing more vicious. No survivors, and still no back up. I honestly do not get paid enough for this job.”

The hooded figure cut his way through burning ruins of what had once been a Human village.

“A full moon tonight and it’s a dangerous youkai area. This is getting bad. We don’t have enough Youkai hunters left to fight against a mass vampire invasion, and the council won’t let any newcomers join in case they are youkai. If you ask me, everyone has inner demons anyways, so why condemn those who look like demons?”

The burnt corpse seemed as agreeable as ever. “You’re always there for me, Joe. Every sad, little village I come across and you’re always there. That’s how slow news travels, mate.”

The boy sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “Looks like no survivors. Better destroy the area to block the vampire plague. I’ve fought loads of vampires and I’ve never turned into one. It’s not a disease. Paranoid old guys. Should report this to council.”

Reaching into his bag, he retrieved a small doll with wings. “Kyoto, I need you to go to counsel and give them this message.” Grabbing a piece of burnt wood from the ground, he placed it in Kyoto’s arms. “Do not lose this. The medicine applied to you should allow you to reach council before running out of batteries. No dilly-dallying, you hear?” The small puppet nodded once, and floated off into the night.

The boy gave another sigh and pulled out a knife out of his shirt. “Alright, then. Let’s trash this village. Enter, Jack the Ripper.” An explosion of magical energy erupted out of the knife, and with it came millions of knives. The shear multitude of them was enough to cause the remaining foundations of the village to crumble.

“Now to pull it off with the finale while the moon is still full. Lunar Knives Purification.” Every knife started to glow with the fullness of the moon. The surrounding land started to shake as the moon light bathed the tainted earth. Suddenly, the light faded from each knife and the village disappeared, leaving only a crater as the only sign that it had ever been there.

“May Kami-sama have mercy on your souls.” As he was bowing his head in silent prayer, the boy noticed something. Something was glowing in the middle of the pit.

“Hmm?” Leaping down the slope, he found a small patch of land untouched by his purification. In the middle of it was a girl, with silver hair. She appeared to be sleeping. “Hey you down there! Wake up!”

The girl made no move to awaken. “How did she survive my Lunar Knives attack? Is she even alive? This night is getting so complicated. First a village wiped out, me not noticing a survivor, and then she surviving a purification move! Maybe she had extra lives…” he mused.

Lifting her up, he noticed something on the floor. “A lunar dial. This little thing absorbed all that energy? Must be made by some strong genius or something.”

Glancing up at the sky, he frowned at the full moon. “Maybe… No, couldn’t be. Probably just a coincidence.” Picking up the lunar dial with his feet, he latched it on to the girl’s neck and started off to the nearest human village.

“Hey! Shou-san! Where did you pick up the hot babe?” yelled a rowdy drunk.

“Shut it. She was laying there in the middle of a vampire-attacked village, so I brought her here to try to revive her.” Silence filled the bar.

“Yo, Shou-san. You do know the price for helpin’ someone who could be contaminated!”

“I mean, what if she wakes up so she can tear our flesh from our limbs?”

“She won’t do that. Youkais are not diseases. You cannot catch ‘Youkai’. How thick can you guys get?”

“I don’t know. Now that I think about it, you could grow wings and fangs and… uh… horns!”

“Gee, thanks. I’ve been keeping these villages safe for like what, ever since I learned how to walk and you guys don’t trust me?” The crowded bar shifted a little, and people started edging out of the bar.

Masahiro, the big grizzled bartender slammed a ham-sized fist on the counter. “That’s enough! If you don’t like my business, that’s fine with me. But I refuse to have you pestering paying customers! Shou-kun’s father was a friend of mine, and I will not have anyone insulting his son on front of me! Got that?”

The crowd ran out the door.

“Sorry for making you lose business, Masahiro-san.”

“Hmph. That’s just for the time you saved my bar from the bunch of drunken oni. Now we’re even.”

“Come on. Don’t be like that. How about you spare me a room for this girl? And tend her medical needs until I get back?”

“Well… Alright. But now we are even, got it?”

“Maybe some ale too…”

“Leave the girl here and get out!”

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