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A dream? Who said that this was a dream?
Just because you're the one sleeping doesn't make us less real...

Blood. Blood everywhere. At least, that's what everything looked like to Shou. "Hey Gin..."

The girl turned around to face him, baring her sharp fangs in a grin. "What is it, Master?" Her robe transformed into a maid costume, and a giant bat-winged horse appeared before his eyes.

Shou stumbled backwards. "No... I HATE NIGHT-MARES!" As he ran through the endless corridor, the cackling of the juvinelle vampires filled the air. Right as the horse was about to eat him, the ground gave way and Shou started tumbling down. "At least I'll wake up before hitting the ground."

A loud bone-breaking crunch when he hit the floor convinced him otherwise.

"Ouch, what gives? I thought it was some rule that you never hit the ground in a dream!"

"That's because you're in Gensokyo. Illusions hold an extra strength here." An old man materialized before Shou's eyes, along with a warm fireplace. "Come, lad. Sit with me."

Shou stood up and stretched his limbs. Nothing broken. "Who are you?"

The old man gave a puff of his pipe, and sagely nodded. "I can see why you'd start off with this question. But this dream isn't for me, it's for you. Who are you?"

Shou shook his head and face-palmed. "I know who I am. Shou, son of... son of... The famous youkai exterminator! You know."

"Haha, you can't even remember your father's name. I have a little idea on what you really are, but it may rip your very identity to shr-"

"Then I don't wanna know." Shou turned around to walk away...

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