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Apples and honey. The jam in the tea is apricot.
I threw the silver teaspoon against the wall.
Hurry up, let's play. Dolls never say anything.
They just try to sing the one song they know.
For I make them sing.

Chapter 3: And Then There Were None...

“…you might as well make it dance.” finished Shou.

“Shou! What’s going on?”

Shou coughed, and winced. “Today’s just gone from bad, to worst. Though Remilia is a most powerful enemy, they say her sister is even more powerful! No one has ever seen her before and lived to tell the tale. However…”

Shou stopped to cough and scratch his left eye. It felt like someone was poking it with a needle from the inside.

“However what? What about her?”

Shou halted his coughing spree and managed to croak some blab about ultimate power.

Gin wasn’t too worried about the fact that this new vampire was even more powerful than the last, rather the fact that Shou seemed to have been heavily affected by the aura of the new vampire. She could see he was having trouble breathing, and was clutching his left eye.

“Shou, are you okay?”

Shou gave his trademark grin, but it looked a little forced. “I’m fine. Never been better.”

Gin knew that with Shou in this state, they would have no chance against two vampires. The only options were to run and live, or stay and die. That was clear to her. But Shou was not going to back down. Why was he always so stubborn? Sometimes it was like she was his superior, rather than vice-versa.

Change of plan. Go on the defensive. And the best defence is a good offence. Clenching her knives, she ran towards the emerging figure from the dust.

“No! You ⑨!” Ignoring Shou, she waited until she was certain of the vampire’s position, and tossed her silver knives in that direction. No sound of the knives hitting the floor or the enemy. Did she miss?

The clatter of knives was heard, followed by a giggle.

“Look what you did. You messed up my shirt. Now Remilia’s going to be mad at me for not keeping it clean.”

A little girl skipped out of the dust and debris. She looked totally human if it weren’t for the red eyes, odd wings on her back, and a small tail. And the fact she was bleeding from several knife cuts on her chest and not even flinching was a pretty big sign...

“The name is Flandre Scarlet! Nice to meet you! Will you play with me?”

Gin flipped a silver knife right into her hand. “Shou… Why isn’t she going down? She’s nailed with silver knives! Right in the heart too!”

Shou sneezed and tossed a garlic string at Flandre, who simply incinerated it before falling in a fit of sneezing. “Great. This is the bullet hell we were trying to avoid. Get behind me Gin, this will probably get messy.”

Shou pulled out his grimoire, and the chain popped open. “Seven Day Torrent!

An explosion of magic erupted from the book and surrounded Flandre in a vortex of fire, water, earth, plants, metal, light and darkness.

“I’ll have to swallow my pride on this mission. Gin may not be strong enough to face you and Flandre, but she soon will! You win this time, Remilia. But Gin will never be your maid! I’ll be back. Let’s go, Gin.”

Turning his back to the inferno behind him, Shou walked out of the mansion. Gin turned back to look at the swirling vortex, which was already dying out.

“You didn’t play with me yet.” The vortex died out and Flandre leapt out towards Gin. Moving so fast Gin could barely track her with her eyes, Gin could only watch in horror as the vampire flew towards her at a lightning fast speed. Suddenly, something rattled in her pocket, and time froze.

Gin sighed with relief, and tossing a few knives at the vampires, moved the frozen Shou out of the mansion to a tree far away. Playing time again, she heard some loud stabbing noises in the mansion.

Shou fell out of the tree. “What the…?”

Gin sighed, and helped him up. “We should evacuate. We’d need a lot of reinforcements in order to take these vampires down…”

Shou nodded, and then glanced over at the mansion. “Did you teleport me over here?”

Gin shrugged, and took out her lunar dial, which pulsed gently in the moonlight while “Something to do with this thing.”

Shou glanced at it blankly, and then his eyes lit up. “I remember! This thing-a-ma-jig was on ya when I found you! Did it give some magical powers, or something?”

Gin nodded, but Shou had already lost interest, and was running towards the lake.

“We need to get reinforcements before we return. At this rate, we’ll never beat them.” muttered Shou, as he jumped into the air towards the other side of the shore. But instead of flying, he took a drop into the lake.

Gin suspected he was not as healthy as he insisted on saying, and dragged him to the other shore.

Shou coughed out some water, than said, “We’ll hide under the covers of the trees, and wait till morning before we move. Let’s get some rest.”

Gin agreed, seeing how tired Shou was. Suddenly, Shou fell to the ground, twitching.

“Shou? Shou!?!”

Author note: This was one of my shorter chapters, but I need to get this story out of the way for a while. Gin means silver! Isn't that nifty? Silver hair, knives, the plot thickens. Thanks for following so far, fair adventurer!

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