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Time passes quickly in Gensokyo.
Was it because of the one who has power over time?
The silver haired maid is yet to come, but the mistress is already here.
Fate is very picky, especially when it has a temper of a ten year-old.

Chapter 2: Scarlet Blood, Silver Water

“Why do I have to wear this maid uniform? It’s too tight. And it’s uncomfortable.”

“Come on Gin, we need to invade the mansion to check out if the owner is really a vampire. Our reports say that the mansion is looking for maids, and we’re the only team with a female! And I think you look good in that cosplay dress…”

“Flattery will get you nowhere.”

“But we have everything needed! Maid, knee socks, chest pads!”

“They’re not pads! They’re natural!”

“If you say so. Anyway, here are the hard facts. Our spy says that this might be the new residence of the Scarlet Devil. The one I’ve been looking for.”

“Fine. For you. Otherwise I won’t be caught dead in this uniform.”

She fluttered her eyelashes and glanced up at Shou. “Come on. Don’t I look pretty?”

Shou laughed and gave her a shove towards the mansion’s doors. “Go on. Stop flirting with me and try that with someone who doesn’t know your ways. It’s not like you’re going to die on this mission. You just need to get a job here and learn the layout. Find out how many servants of combat strength reside in there, and if any other vampires live in there. If you’re not out by midnight, I’ll call Code Red.”

“Okay, okay. I got it.” Gin walked up to the large doors and knocked. They swung open like a mouth receiving food.

“I’ve got a very bad feeling about this place…”

“Hello! Are you here for the maid job?”

“Oh, hai!” The speaker remained concealed in the darkness. “What is your name? And shut the door, will you?”

“Err… Gin.”

“Isn’t that a boy’s name?”

“My… teacher named me. I was abandoned at birth.”

“My, my. How sad. A pretty orphan maid with a not-very-pretty name. But don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you.” Gin closed the door to reveal that the speaker was a young girl dressed in a light red poofy hat and dress, with bright red trimmings. She would appear like a normal ten year if it weren’t for the two bat wings sprouting from her back.

“You’re a…”

“That’s right. I’m a vampire. And you’re a maid, aren’t you?” Taken aback by the simplicity of the question, Gin nodded.

“That’s good and all that you came, but I’d rather a stronger maid. Come back when you’re stronger.”

Gin’s pride was wounded. Who was this little girl to judge her before she even did anything? More importantly, the mission was at stake.

“I’m strong! What is it that you wish me to do?”

“You lack the magical ability.”

“Come on, give me one chance! I can do things without magic!” Gin was clutching at the straws. She knew that if this mission was a failure, the council won’t be happy. More importantly, she realised how Shou’s life training came down to defeating this vampire.

“At least give me one test.” The vampire looked at her, and then nodded.

“I like your spirit. Very well, be prepared.” Gin felt it before she saw it. The blow launched her back into a wall. She grimaced as she noticed the heavy bleeding on her side.

“Not to queasy about blood. I like that in a maid.” The vampire licked the blood lavishly of her fingers.

“You have a strange taste. Are you sure you don’t have any magical powers?” Gin clutched her side and nodded her head.

“Hmm… I do think with the right training…”

The vampire mused about it while Gin hurriedly tended her wounds.

“Good, go ahead and wrap the wound. The smell’s making me hungry. I’m going to have a little fun. Time to teach you a lesson.” The vampire grinned at her hungrily.

Teach me a lesson? Who does this brat think she is? Watch the red pupils. If they dilute… This is the part where she was suppose to call for help, but Gin’s inexperience and her temper were too much for her to handle. Pulling out her knifes, she lunged at the vampire, using her superior size as leverage. The vampire jumped back and proceeded to slash back with suddenly extended claws.

Gin was evenly matched with this vampire, but it took every bit of concentration to keep up with the vampire’s swings. Taking a different idea, Gin unengaged from the parrying and tossed a couple of knifes at the vampire.

The vampire attempt to parry them out of the air, but the silver burned her. “Using silver knives now, eh? You shouldn’t play with fire, little girl. You’ll get burnt.”

Gin pulled out more silver knives. “Look who’s talking, shorty!”

“I… Am not… A SHORTY!!!”

The vampire’s earlier playful nature was gone, replaced with a killing intent so strong it made Gin’s skin crawl. Even a non-magic user such as Gin could feel the magical energy charging. “Gosh, you’re a tad egotistic!”

“I’ll make you regret that you even said that!”

An explosion of red light woke Shou from his nap.

“Great, a vampire that shoots hyper beams out of its hands. Really hope Gin isn’t dead.”

Stretching once, he leaped out of the tree and ran towards the mansion.

“What’s the matter? Tired? Is that all you can do, throw knives?” Having said this, the vampire gave an evil laugh and bent down to finish Gin off.

Dramatic Entrance no Jutsu!” Shou appeared with a comical flying kick and launched the vampire up into orbit.

“How’s that for a super special awesome attack?” Gin just glared at him.


“You’re late.”

“…I was taking a nap. It’s important for a growing boy to get some sleep!”

“What’s this? Our important guest has arrived?” Shou and Gin glanced up to see the vampire, perched on the chandelier.

“You, my good sir, are under arrest by the council for… Come to think of it, I never did think of a real reason to finish you off, did I? I believe that I must state my reason of attacking you before hand. It’s common knowledge that vampires must live of blood, so… I’ll arrest you for all the people you’ve drained of blood! And guessing by your appearance, you’re…”

Shou paused for a second. “You look like a ten year old. But I highly doubt that. In fact, I bet you’re one hundred years old!”

“About 400 now.”

“Do you kids ever think of anything other than immortality? I bet there’s someone out there who actually wished he or she didn’t have immorality! More importantly, what is your manner of business here?”

“I’ve inherited this mansion from the original owner. I, like every other Youkai, have a right to live.”

“Touché. But your right is void if you take more than an equal amount of life to live.”

“I’m worth more than all those pathetic humans put together. They live to serve us.”

“On the contrary. Our greater power should be our gift to them. Don’t you care for the value of life?”

“Of course. When it’s used to help mine, I’m fine with it.”

“This is getting ridiculous. What does the vampire mean about all this?” Gin was really straining to understand anything. Her lessons had yet to prepare her for this! “This vampire is a very famous problem in generally a lot of Youkai councils. She is called the famous Scarlet Devil, due to the fact she has no table manners.”

“You mean…”

“Yup. It stained her white dress pink. Gin, did you not learn anything?”

“What the heck are you talking about?”

“Vampires that cannot conceal their wings are generally not as good hunters as others, simply because people will spot the fact that they are vampires immediately. But that’s just proof of immense strength. The vampire’s powers are too strong for the vampire to conceal, so she just ends up using a small portion of her power twenty-four seven. But remember, they have a lot of weaknesses. For example…”

Gin tugged Shou down and he hit the ground, just dodging the vampire’s swoop attack.

“This is not a classroom, Shou! I get it! Just tell me how to kill her!”

“You don’t. More like, you can’t.” Time stood still.

“Then what was the reason of this battle!?!”

“I’m not sure, but I think that we suppose to strangle her with strings of garlic…”

“WHAT!?!” Gin was at the edge of her tether. She did not understand what the heck was going on.

“So, maid! I’ll hire you if you surrender! I have no will in killing either of you, and I think you’ll make a good puppy!”

“What kind of sick joke is that? I’m no ones dog! I refuse the offer!”

The vampire smiled evilly. “Oh, but you really wanted this job, didn’t you? And if one things for sure, Remilia Scarlet always collects her debts. And you, my dear, have just become one of my debts.”

Shou stood in front of Gin protectively. “You want her? You can have her! Over my dead body, that is.”

Remilia beamed. “So, it’s agreed? I get the maid in exchange for killing you?”

“Are you insane? I’m not becoming her personal slave just so you can die!”

“I was kidding, Scarlet Devil. The real reason I’m here is to slay you. I vowed it on my adopted father’s grave. You’re the last descendent of the original Scarlet Devil.”

“So… You’re the carrier of the Grimoire of Miare.” “Yup. At least, I think that’s what it was called. I think my old teacher gave it to me on his death bed…”

“Hmm. But that would explain the fact that you can’t recognize me. Doesn’t matter. You’ve overstayed your stay here. It is now night outside, and we vampires are not called Masters of the Night for nothing. Let’s see if this will jolt your memory. Dance of the Night.”

The shadows seemed to draw to whole mansion into darkness beyond any natural night.

Gin was blinded by the darkness; however, she still had her sense of hearing. Tuning out all the odd banging noises from the floor, she calmed her self and closed her eyes. Suddenly, Shou was beside her.

“Good idea. Use your ears, but not your head. Stay calm, but not relaxed. And most importantly, keep your head on.” Shou nodded at his own advice and tripped on a rock.

“Will you give up now, or will you have me pick you off one by one?”

“Fat chance!” yelled Shou. You’ll never take Gin alive!”

“What? You want me dead?”

“I control fate, and what has not happened will. Gin will be my maid.”

“Fate? Haven’t heard that one before.”

Gin was tired, and she was faced against impossible odds. “If she controls fate, then she’s so powerful it’s almost not fair! Maybe I should just become her maid. Then she’ll spare you and…”

Shou frowned at her. “Retreat is an option left to those who face their worst nightmares. And Remilia is a powerful opponent, but I think she’s a good start to your career record. Besides, everyone has to start from something. You don’t start on Lunatic and expect everything to work out. We’ll decline to that offer, Remilia Scarlet!”

“You can’t defeat me. I’m invincible!”

“Where have I heard that before? Can fate affect time? I don’t think so. Now, Gin! Just like we practiced!”

Gin closed her eyes and drew her knives. An odd echoing murmur filled the room, and she slumped over.

“She looks like she drank too much sake…” commented Remilia.

“…She does not.”

“Yes she does.”

“Why am I arguing with you? Anyways, Killing Doll!”

Gin raised her head, and lunged sideways onto the floor.

Shou grinned sheepishly. “Ok, she does look like she’s drunk. But that’s not the point. Besides, how would you see her?”

“Vampire eyes. We generally see infrared, but we also have night vision. How do you see her?”

“…I forgot. Ask my lawyer.” With that said, Shou jumped up in the general direction of the vampire.

“You think you can contend with a vampire with your bare hands? If you are a mere human, than you’ll be no match for me!”

“Think so? Look behind you!” Hundreds of knives flashed towards Remilia. Hard pressed to dodge them, she didn’t notice Gin swooping in with a silver knife. It was a light wound that just skimmed Remilia’s arm. Gin cursed, than disappeared.

As Remilia turned to attack Shou, she found herself tangled up in a mess of threads wound by Shou’s puppet. Shou raised his hand, and the puppet self-destructed.

As the smoke cleared, Remilia emerged badly burnt, but otherwise unharmed. She coughed and chuckled, clutching the wound on her arm. “A maid that controls time. I’d like that in this mansion. Get all the chores done, all in one day! I’ll call her Sakura. No, that’s used way to much…” Musing over this, she raised her uninjured arm and blasted a hole right through the floor of the room.

“Has she gone insane? Maybe she’s blind, because I know we’re over here.” muttered Gin. Just after she said that, an evil presence was felt through the whole room as just the pressure from the hole was stifling. Gin staggered to the floor as Shou flinched.

“Not her…”

“Hey Shou! What… is the… power level… of this thing?”

“It’s over 9000!!!”

“What?!? 9000?” Remilia smiled. “If you can’t get rid of the family skeleton…”

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