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SDMD Scarlet Devil Mansion Defense. Another Warcraft 3 map based on Touhou Project

Scarlet Devil Mansion Defence, or SDMD for short, is a hero-defense map for Warcraft III based on the Touhou series of games. Up to 5 players control one of the heroines from the Touhou series to defend the Scarlet Devil Mansion from waves of attacking creeps, and players can choose to attack several super-powerful bosses on the map for additional experience and gold.

One of the unique points of this map is the boss system, where you can choose to leave the base to hunt enemy bosses, which are characters from Touhou as well. These bosses are usually extremely strong and can easily wipe out the entire team if you are ill-prepared for fighting them, but they give unique Items and additional experience when killed which helps in the long run if you can manage to kill them succesfully.

This map was originally created by the Chinese community at[1], with resources taken from Touhou Defence of the Shrines/Touhou Battle Arena. I took the liberty of releasing an unauthorized translation as I thought it’s a pretty interesting map, and wanted more people to try it. As such, some of the English translations for things like names of spells and units may not be completely accurate, but most descriptions of effects are accurate translations.

Resource :

SDMD Updates[2]

SDM defense v026b

SDM Defense V0.26b

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