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Hidden Star in Four Seasons - omake.txt

Stage 5 Boss: The All-Too-Dangerous Backup Dancers

Satono Nishida
Mai Teireida

Species: Human (?)
Ability: Capable of drawing out people's mental energy by dancing behind them (Satono)
Ability: Capable of drawing out people's vitality by dancing behind them (Mai)

A pair whose purpose is to draw out the latent abilities of all things. Okina's subordinates.
They used to be regular human children, but due to Okina's magic power, they're becoming less and less human.
They hardly have any memory of their time as humans, and they dance in joyful madness.

However, their personalities are the same as when they were human. Mai is a scatterbrain, but she's quick to take action.
Satono is discreet, but slightly overconfident at times.

Their dances aren't meant for people to enjoy, and are in fact quite eccentric.
They dance all for Okina's sake, and take action all for Okina's sake.

The two of them don't know that the doors on people's acks are meant to search for their own successors.
Okina only told them that the doors are meant to search for more allies for the two of them.

If they did happen to find out the truth, what action would they take?
In all likelihood, they'd just keep doing the same thing.
They can hardly even imagine going against Okina's orders, after all.

They serve Okina as her loyal servants, but their abilities, too, are nothing more than an extension of Okina's.