Faith 東方 Touhou Unplugged/Classic 115

Geez Sanae's profile doesn't give much to work with... This song conveys such raw grief and loneliness...The picture goes very well with the song~ Throughout the song gives a horrible, depressing vibe. You can almost feel the suffering inside the pit of your stomach... The tears that would be shed, the horror that would be associated with it. The song never seems to brighten, throughout the song, the pain of the character never seems to lessens, it only increases. It also doesn't depict the circumstances that lead to the condition in the first place... I guess I'll make my own scenario~

When Sanae was little, she and her parents got into a terrible accident. Upon getting out of the car she could see her parent's bodies slumped at awkward angles.

They weren't breathing.

Sanae went to open the door at her dad's side. Upon opening it, his limp head, which was leaning on the car door fell and turned towards her. His open, vacant eyes stared into the space through her.There was blood coming from his nose and mouth. Behind her father she could she mother slumped, her bloody face hidden by shadows. Horrified, Sanae screamed and ran away as fast as she could. Tears streamed down her face as the image of her dead parents plagued her mind. The vacant stare... the blood... the mangled bodies...

She turned into an alley and buried herself into the corner behind a dumpster. She cried as she remembered the happy experiences she had with her dad and mom. They were gone though, they had been taken away from her.

For several days she didn't move an inch. She simply buried her face into her arms. Finally hunger was taking its toll. She left the alley and went into stores begging for food. The store owners chased her away. Starving, she walked down a dirt road to a weird looking shrine. She came in begging for food. It just happened to be the Moriya Shrine. Kanako, seeing her tear- stained face and dirty clothes went to get some food for her.

After eating Sanae collapsed from exhaustion. Suwako came into while she was sleeping and asked Kanako who she was. After talking a bit and finding out she was of Moriyan descent they agreed to take her in as family... Sanae lived happily. Sanae had repressed the event so that it never existed, when Kanako asked what happened to her parents she would say she had no parents and that her family was Kanako and Suwako.

The three lived happily. Kanako taught her magic, Suwako played with her, they did everything. Sanae's family was Kanako and Suwako after all.

Many years later they decided to move to Gensokyo. (After all the events of MoF and UFO) Sanae went out to town to buy food one day. When she returned home to knock on the door...nobody answered. She went into the house to find her family, Kanako and Suwako, lying on their stomachs. They weren't moving.

Sanae went to Kanako's side and rolled her over. A dead vacant stare greeted her. Blood stained her face, it was everywhere. Horrified, Sanae screamed out...

Several days have passed now. Sanae had buried them. Sanae simply stayed in bed staring at the ceiling for a couple days. The sun would rise and fall but it had no affect on her.The repressed memory of the death of her parents came back. The emotions she had sealed away finally re-surfaced. She laid in bed weeping to herself, at first quietly. Then tears begun to stream down her face. She snapped, wailed at the uncaring ceiling, cursing the gods, and smashing her pillow. Why did she have to go through this? Why her?

The next day she stood at the place of her family's graves (video picture). She looked down upon the graves The only thing she had to remember them was the snake band and frog clip in her hair... They had given it to her a long time ago, when she was little...

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