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Main Profile

森近 霖之助 (もりちか りんのすけ)

Rinnosuke Morichika


Species Human/Youkai half-breed

Able to recognize the name and purpose of an item at a glance


Unknown, at least few decades.


Owner of Kourindou, an antique shop



Rinnosuke Morichika runs Kourindou, an antique shop near the Forest of Magic. He chose this location in the hopes that both human and non-human potential customers would visit, but his plan failed miserably as his shop is always deserted, with the exception of a few daily "annoyances".

What Rinnosuke actually is remains unknown. His appearance is that of a human, but the official stories say that he has lived several times longer than Reimu. His appearance has not changed since Marisa was a small child, at the very least. It is also said that he knows about the previous Hakurei descendant, as well as the establishment of Hakurei Shrine and its purpose.

Rinnosuke is known for his great interest in the outside world, and uses a collection of items from the outside world (which have accidentally slipped past the boundary) as his shop lineup. With his recognition ability, he can determine the name and purpose of each foreign item, but his power does not provide context for the information. Due to his lack of knowledge about the outside world and modern science, he often ends up drawing strange conclusions about those items, such as deciding a Game Boy is a mind control device.

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