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Fun Facts

  • Official pronunciation and romanization are unknown. Her name is "冴月 麟", generally pronounced "Satsuki Rin (さつき りん)."
  • Her name Rin (麟) stands for the mythological creature Kirin, prompting some to believe that she was supposed to be a personification of a kirin. This is supported by the fact that by the Japanese name order, her name is "Satsuki Rin."
  • Based on a remark by Marisa in her Extra Stage, Rin is theorized to be a nurse, but this is pure speculation. However, in modern Japanese popular culture, the kirin is often conflated with the unicorn (cf. Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter), which has healing powers; this would suggest a connection between kirin and nurses.
  • From the picture, she is shown holding a musical instrument. It could be that she is actually a Tsukumogami (artifact spirit).
  • A Twitter post revealed the girl in the picture wasn't Rin Satsuki, and instead claimed it was a Team Shanghai Alice "poster girl".