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Rin in Fan Culture

  • Different fan interpretations of her appearance exist in addition to the circle cut, such as this and this. More canonically faithful depictions (if we accept the circle cut as a canonical depiction of Rin) include this and this (the latter originally Nwbi at MoTK).
    • However, most people go with the Rin Satsuki in the circle cut with blonde hair, red bow, red blouse, and pink or white shirt, as in this image.
  • Though she never had a role in any games there is a fan-made theme .
Rinsatsuki game


  • Most fans had Rin fit with a negative personality and always being a nobody and/or an unknown person when she's along with the other characters, since she had no appearance in any games, only leaving a trace of her name along with the spell cards she would be using in the source code inside The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and the circle cut picture in the advertisement for the game, making her thinking she doesn't even seemed to appear for any reasons, or having jealous feelings towards Reimu and Marisa, thinking that why ZUN chooses her to be the one left out instead of them.
    • In other works, she is seen alongside Reimu and Marisa as their friend.
    • Some other works feature Rin as an insane person, frequently hitting herself and crying.

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