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Yet another ordinarily boring day. Here I am driving to work yet again, I don’t know why I bother going really, I hardly enjoy the thing anyway. Standing behind a counter or walking down aisles putting things on shelves is hardly an extreme activity. Still, money is money, I suppose. I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel along to the music, some music track called Riverside View from a series of games I love, but no-one else I know has heard of it strangely enough, their loss really.

I sighed in annoyance, these traffic lights always had a tendency to take an eternity to change, and today was no different. Traffic flew by in front of me, everyone in the morning work rush, with any luck; I won’t have to do this in a year or two. Once I have some qualifications under my belt mornings won’t exist any more, I’ll just sleep past them. High pay, low hours, it’s a dream worth working for. But that’s still a few years away. My mind switched back to reality and I growled a little since the lights still hasn’t changed, how long are these things going to take?

I took a look at my radio, “Track 4 2:30” Are these things broken or something? I could have sworn the song started after I got here. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I noticed the cars at the sides had stopped, could it be?! The red light disappeared, my heart started pounding. An amber light! I shouted out loud, “Yeah!” Putting my car into gear and when the light turned green I started to move forward. I cheered, “It’s about time!” Hooray! Everything was going well again! Then I heard the noise of someone’s horn and looked to see a car heading straight for me.

Everything slowed down around me, unfortunately so I did I, so I couldn’t do much, except ponder the situation. Some idiot just ran a red light at possibly 60 mph or more and is heading straight for me. The speed I’m going is completely useless and grazing and hitboxes don’t exist in real life. Damn you video games for your lies on survival. The freeze seemed to be taking too long now, I mean I’ve already thought of every possible way to try and escape and they all won’t work. The world slowly started to speed back up again as I felt myself able to move I pondered what to do, but the world was picking up speed too fast, so instead of saying something cool or trying to do something, I didn’t even manage two words.

“Oh f-“

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