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After standing around for a few minutes I decided to go and face Yuka, who was plodding around the flower field. Luckily, she appeared to be back to how she was earlier, I’m not sure what the term would be since ‘friendly’ doesn’t feel right.

“So…” I delayed a moment thinking how weird this sounded, “You can split into two, huh?”

“When I want to.”

“And you can also fire big lasers with your umbrella…”

“Yes, it gets rid of those pesky flies. ~”

It struck me then that everyone I had met so far seemed to be able to use magic or was magical in nature; I got my hopes up for a moment and asked Yuka another question. “Do you think I can cast magic like everyone else?”

“Of course not.” Yuka giggled, “Humans have to practice and I can tell you haven’t. ~”

“So, I take it you’re not human.”

“Haven’t I told you? I’m the strongest Youkai in Gensokyo!” Yuka spun around.

Youkai? Gensokyo?

Judging by her bragging I took a guess that Gensokyo was the land I’m in, the term Youkai sounded fairly familiar, it was a magic being or something.

“I see… So why did the fairy hold a card up in the air when she attacked you.”

“Because she’s a do-gooder. Now, it’s time to go.” Yuka turned to the side and started to walk off as she usually did.

I quickly caught up and walked beside her, “So, where are we going next? Another field?” I feared for the worst.

“Not this time, we’re going to go to the human village today.”

Great, perhaps someone there won’t try and kill me on sight. I might even get to know what’s going on around here!

It turned out that the buildings I had seen from the flower field was the human village, on approaching I noticed a few humans that had noticed us disappeared promptly, it appeared that Yuka was well known here already.

Approaching the village, which now seems fairly deserted a lone figure ran towards us from the village. As usual she was wearing a fairly strange outfit, the dress she was wearing was mainly blue with touches of white and a ribbon, but the more unusual part was that on top of her long silver hair lay a hat of some kind, which looked like a box with a ribbon on it

“I thought I told you not to come here any more!” Whoever she was, she knew who Yuka was.

“Relax, I’m not here for violence today.” Yuka walked past the woman, obviously without a care.

Flustered, the woman sighed and turned to me, “And who do you think you are.”

“I wish I knew myself.” I mumbled.

”In case you had not noticed, this is a village for humans, not youkai!” The woman shouted at me.

“Well, I am a human so that’s alright.”

The woman’s voice suddenly turned caring, “Y-you are? Well, what are you doing with her then?! Don’t you know she’s dangerous?”

“Yeah-“ Yuka suddenly cut in.

“Oh, don’t mind him. He’s my human.”

“What do you mean ‘your human’? You can’t just steal one for yourself!”

“I found him near my house, therefore it belongs to me.” Once again, I was being talked about like a possession.

The woman turned back to me, “Did you live here once?”

“I don’t know, I can’t remember. I can’t remember anything, in fa-“ Yuka cut in again.

“If you’re going to be talking, I’m going up there, you have an hour again. ~” Yuka walked off leaving the newcomer with the decision to chase after Yuka or stay with me, after a moment she calmed down and stayed put.

“Shouldn’t you watch out in case she does anything? She just blasted some fairy to oblivion.”

“No, she’s gone to the flower shop, so she won’t be much trouble.” Flower shop, what a surprise. “I’m Keine Kamashirasawa, the village’s protector.”

“Oh, hi, I’d tell you my name, but like I said, I can’t think what it is.”

“You can’t remember anything at all?” Keine asked, looking puzzled.

“No, the most recent thing I can remember is waking up in what I think was a field, but even then I couldn’t open my eyes and see.”

“I see, well, I guess you might like some things explaining to you then. Come.” Keine turned around and looked at me waiting for me to follow. Eager to find out some answers I followed her. “The things I’m about to say may seem unreal or fake, but it’s true. Having met Ms Kazami, you’ll probably take it in better.”

“You’re currently in a land called Gensokyo, Gensokyo is filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful things such as magic and youkai. Due to the youkai and their tendencies to attack humans, most humans live here in this village where it’s safe from them.” I looked around and saw the village was actually bigger then it first appeared, “Youkai have powers far beyond most humans and many can kill a human without trying.”

“Yeah, like I saw that fairy get hurt, if I hadn’t have got out the way I’d have been a goner.”

“Indeed, well, here we are.”

Keine walked up to a building and knocked on the door, “It’s me, Keine.”

“Come in!” A young voice called.

Keine opened the door and motioned for me to go in, I let Keine take the lead again indoors and before long we found a purple-haired girl before us, writing something down into a book.

“Hello, Akyu.” Keine smiled.

The girl looked up from her writing, “Hello Keine, what can I do for you?” Akyu then noticed me, “And you, I’ve never met. I’m Hieda no Akyu, pleased to meet you.”

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