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“Get back here Daiyousei-killer!” The blue fairy shouted as I found several icicles flying past my head.

Turning my head back I saw that the fairy was flying after me. “What are you talking about? I couldn’t kill anything if I tried!”

“I heard a rumour that a human was going to kill Daiyousei so you must be it!” The fairy swooped down and grabbed my leg before I shook her off.

“But didn’t you-“ My speech was interrupted when I fell to the floor. “What the?” Looking down my leg was covered in ice.

“I’ve got you now!” The fairy cheered, “Hey Daiyousei! Come and look what I caught!”

“W-what Cirno?” The timid fairy poked her head around the corner before seeing me. “Ah! Please don’t kill me!”

“Believe me, the only one at risk of dying here, is myself. Since your friend is trying to kill me because of a rumour she made up.” I groaned half-apologetically.

The smaller fairy walked up and looked at me, and then at Cirno. “Cirno, did you make that rumour up?”

“M-Maybe…” Cirno looked at the floor.

“Don’t be cruel like you are to those frogs, let the human go.” Daiyousei asked Cirno.

“Fine… But if you try and hurt either of us I’ll freeze you solid!” Despite being half my size, she tried to look threatening.

I tried to get up but the lack of movement reminded me my leg was covered in ice. “Can’t you do something about this?”

“No, just let it unfreeze, it works for the frogs.” Cirno started talking as though she was an expert.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind me sitting here for a while then because I can’t do much else.”

Daiyousei sat down, “It’s ok, why are you here anyway? Not many humans come around here, especially with that mansion there.” The fairy motioned to the red castle-like building I saw earlier.

“Well, I’d like to know that myself, I just woke up in some unfamiliar place one day and I can’t remember anything so I’m just trying to find somewhere that triggers my memories.” I reached into my pocket and took out the watch. Oh good, hopefully there’ll be time for my leg to thaw.

“Wow, that’s nice.” Cirno poked the watch.

“Yeah, someone named Yuka gave it me.”

Cirno raised her voice slightly, “I know! She’s your wife right?!”

The next thing I knew I was laughing hysterically while Cirno looked at me looking amusing but obviously bewildered about what I was laughing at.

Calming down slightly, “No, no, I’d have been dead a long time ago if I was, Yuka’s the one who found me when I first got here. She’s over there in that flower field.”

Looking worried Daiyousei quietly asked, “Is she that scary lady with the green hair?”

“Yeah… ‘Scary’, I can tell you’ve already met her.”

“She beat up Cirno once!”

“Huh? She did?” Cirno sat there with a dumb expression, obviously trying to remember.

”When all those flowers were everywhere and then she made more which beat you up!” I couldn’t help but think how odd that sounded.

Cirno stood up, “I didn’t lose! I left because she was too easy!” I raised an eyebrow. “Cirno…”

“If you don’t believe me, I’ll go fight her now!” Cirno started to walk at the flower fields.

“Wait!” Daiyousei and myself shouted together.

“No! I won’t stop until you believe me!”

“We… We do believe you!”

“Liar!” She’s doomed.

After shaking my leg for a moment I was finally able to move it and stood up, grabbed Daiyousei and started to run after Cirno, but she was far ahead.

“Hey you meanie! Come and fight me!”

There was no response or sign of Yuka.

“Are you scared?!”

Yuka’s head appeared over some flowers, “Go away.” Before she disappeared again.

Cirno turned around with a look of rejection before spinning around again. “Fine! If you don’t want to fight, I’ll make you!”

Oh no.

Cirno began to freeze some of the flowers, causing a few to shatter. She’s got a death wish.

Yuka appeared on the hill to the right of where she was previously, with an evil smile she walked down towards Cirno who seems frozen with fear. A moment later a second Yuka appeared to the left, and began walking to Cirno, though they looked the same, this Yuka looked slightly more insane, with a much more psychotic grin and slightly messier hair covering some of her face.

Uh oh.

With the two Yukas facing her, Cirno snapped out of her frozen state and shouted, “Fine, if you need two to beat me!” Cirno reached out of her pocket and pulled out a card and held it in the air. “Icicle Fall!”

Nothing happened for a few moments until rather large icicles bombarded the area around Cirno. Both Yukas merely laughed and held their parasols above them causing the icicles to shatter on impact. Wow, that’s a good parasol.

After the icicles stopped the Yukas lowered their parasols so they faced Cirno. “My turn.” Not wanting to take any chances I grabbed Daiyousei and dived to the ground just before two enormous lasers blasted over us.

After the lasers subsided I looked up to see a single Yuka walking back up the hill and a blackened Cirno lying on the floor.

“She lost again.” Daiyousei walked over to Cirno.

“We… drew…” I heard Cirno say before she fell silent.

I was afraid to ask, “Is, is she dead?”

“No, she’s sleeping, a few hours and she’ll be back to herself.” Wow, fairies are quite resilient.

“Do you want a hand taking her somewhere?” I asked feeling half-responsible.

“No, no, it’s okay.”

I looked at the pocket watch, “Oh, okay. Well, I think I has best go to Yuka now, might be worth making sure she’s not doing anything.”

“Okay, what’s your name anyway?” Daiyousei asked as I was starting to leave.

“I don’t know, like I said, I lost my memories.”

“Oh… Well I’m Daiyousei and she’s Cirno, come back sometime.”

“I will, if I’m alive.” I laughed nervously before walking to the flowers, “See you around.”

Well, at least I had made some friends in this place.

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