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The whole world was white but slowly the world started to gain colour, the world seemed very yellow, until I saw that I was standing in a field of sunflowers with Yuka standing in the middle.

“This is, quite a lot of flowers.” I said for the sake of saying something.

“It is. ~” Yuka replied before walking off and examining more flowers.

“So, I’ve gathered you like flowers, judging from this and your mansion.”

“Obviously.” She replied, giving me a look of sarcasm.

I continued to stand where I was, leaving Yuka walking around the field having decided that it would simply be best to leave her to her own game and not touch anything.

I started to look at the surroundings and to my surprise there was more sights then I expected, straight ahead there was a dark looking forest while to my right there was what appeared to be a few houses, there’s possibly more but I just couldn’t see far enough but I presumed it was a village of some kind. To my left and leading all the way behind me was a large lake, it could be the sea but from what I could see it didn’t appear to go off anywhere so I gathered it was surrounded by land.

Minutes passed by and Yuka was still parading around the flower field. “ …Yuka, how long are you planning on staying here?”

Yuka looked at the gold watch on her dress, “Oh, not for long today, only an hour or so.” My jaw dropped on hearing this. How can someone spend this long in a flower field?

I waited a few more moments before getting another idea, “Hey, Yuka, mind if I go and look around?”

“No, but don’t go too far or you’ll get killed. ~” After pausing at the last comment I continued.

“So, if you’re leaving in an hour, I don’t suppose you have a spare watch or anything do you? I don’t want to get left behind and killed you see.” I laughed weakly.

Yuka stopped for a moment looking at the sunflower she was tending to and turned and walked towards me. What have I done this time? Yuka stared at me for a moment before reaching into her shirt pocket and taking out a silver pocket watch. “Lose it and I’ll kill you myself.” Yuka smiled at me with a cute grin.

“Oh, thanks. I’ll, just be over there, near the lake or something.” I stammered before Yuka walked back over to the flowers.

Walking towards the lake I examined the watch, it was quite the nice piece of crafting. The Roman numerals and old fashioned hands gave the watch a feeling of antiquity turning the watch over there was a flower finely engraved into the back of the watch, Yuka truly was flower mad.

The walk along the lakeside seemed to be quite uneventful, but it was best that way. There appeared to be an island in the middle of the lake with a lone building on it resembling a small castle, everything I’ve seen here so far seemed to have an odd detail, for instance this castle was coloured a dark red, like a crimson.

Seeing as there was no way to get to that structure I continued to walk along the river looking for more things when I found a corner, leading to what I thought of as the south side.

“Hey, stop it! That’s cruel!” A light voice cried.

“It’s not like they feel anything!” A confident yet childish voice replied, “Besides they always turn out alright!” There was a sound of a smash and something breaking, “Well, maybe not that one.”

“Cirno! Stop picking on the poor frogs!” The quieter of the two voices said.

Frogs? Freezing? Now what?

I poked my head around the corner and saw two child sized fairies standing there, bigger then the ones I had seen in Yuka’s mansion. The smaller of the two looked just like a larger version of the fairies with green hair, but the other one looked a lot more unique, the fairy was wearing a blue dress about the same colour as her hair and rather then the ‘normal’ wings I had seen, they looked like they were made from shards of ice. In her hand with a ball of ice with something inside, presumably a frog and the pieces of ice on the floor suggested that used to be a frog.

The fairies stopped arguing about the frogs and the larger one walked over to the lake looking away from the other fairy, I saw from an angle that she was smiling mischievously, “Daiyousei I heard some bad news…”

“What? What news Cirno?” The smaller fairy sounded a little cautious!

The fairy rose her voice, “That a human is coming to kill you!”

In a panic the smaller fairy started looking around for danger and caught sight of me, before she started screaming.

The blue fairy spun around laughing at the screaming green fairy, “Relax! It was a joke!” The fairy did nothing but continue screaming and pointed at me, “It’s the human coming to kill me!”

Cirno’s face filled with surprise as she spotted me, “Hey you! Human! I’ll teach you not to try and kill Daiyousei!” The ice fairy started to run at me while I turned around the corner and ran.

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