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The first thing I noticed is that Yuka left the door unlocked, which struck me as quite odd since anyone could walk in, but then I reminded myself about who’s house it was, plus I bet those Fairies would do something, however little it may be.

Yuka opened her parasol and strolled ahead while I trailed a little behind taking in the surroundings, it was mostly what I saw from the window, fields and flowers. The only thing different was this path I was slowly traveling along.

Things felt very slow as if this path was unending, I looked behind to see the mansion was nearly out of sight. I started to make up more stories in my mind to keep me entertained, but not to much success. I wasn’t that surprised to see that Yuka was quite content; she was still ahead humming some melody.

Mixed feelings arose when I saw a much smaller house ahead. I was relieved that this road wasn’t seemingly endless and empty but then I wondered that if there was an occupant, what’s to say they’re not like Yuka?

As I expected, as we approached the house I saw the silhouette of someone around the house holding a staff or something. Whoever it was turned and saw us and started to approach, it was also revealed that the item in question was a scythe.

Trying to keep myself calm I continued walking as if I hadn’t noticed anyone when I heard a voice other then Yuka’s, also female. “Good morning, Yuka!”

“Hello.” Yuka cheerfully replied. At least she really does appear to be in a good mood today.

“Hey, is that the human you found?” The newcomer said as she arrived. The woman had blonde hair and was wearing a crimson dress with pink frills. She was also wearing a hat, which was pink with a red ribbon wrapped around it. It took me a moment but I saw that she also had yellow eyes, which struck me as odd.

“It is, I thought it was broken or something but it seems to be quite a good one.” I thought about pointing out I’m not an object and that I have a name, but the fact I can’t remember it caused me to stall.

“So what are you going to do with it?”

“I’m not too sure really, haven’t made my mind up.”

“Why don’t you just chop it up!?” My eyes widened as I saw the woman swing her scythe missing my neck my inches.

“No, no, I’m don’t do things like that.” My heart lifted a little hearing that, “I prefer to just blow them away.” Then it sunk again. “It leaves no mess.” Yuka cheerfully claimed while grinning devilishly at me.

The woman laughed, “That’s true. So anyway, what are you up to today?”

“Just the usual, but the human tagged along today so there might be some detours.” I wondered at the word usual for a moment, I really couldn’t see this being a normal quiet walk.

“Sounds nice, want me to do the usual?”

“Correct, let nothing in, or out.” Even though the topic seems a little more serious, Yuka’s tone didn’t change. “See you later Elly. ~” Yuka spoke as she started to walk away.

“Bye Miss Yuka!” Elly shouted from behind.

I looked at Elly for a moment, “Umm, bye.” Before walking a little faster to catch up with Yuka slightly.

“Bye Yuka’s human!” I heard Elly shout, which almost made me start laughing at how ridiculous it sounded.

A few more minutes passed as the scenery returned to being uneventful and quite boring, the only thing different was the appearance of a river to the left, however the water looked strangely red. Fearing the answer I decided not to ask Yuka right now.

I couldn’t see anything in the distance that looked interesting, which made me start to think I should have stayed at the mansion. I caught up with Yuka and tried my luck at asking a few more questions, “So, she works for you?”

“Yes, she guards the house.” Yuka cheerfully replied.

“From there? Isn’t that a little far away from the house?” I questioned, thinking of the horrific walk from the mansion to Elly’s house.

“No, since this path is the only way to reach the mansion.

”Can’t someone just come in the other direction though?”

“No, because this is the only way to get here. ~” Yuka pointed at something and I jumped as I saw a shimmering field in the path, how I’d not seen it earlier was somewhat confusing.

“Is… is that a portal?” I mumbled.

“What else would it be? ~” Yuka said right before walking into the portal.

I watched the portal as I saw Yuka appear on the other side and began walking away. Walking up to the portal I stopped and slowly reached at it with my left hand into the tip of my finger was enveloped in the portal, I took my hand out and to my relief nothing had happened. I reached again placing my whole hand in before taking a deep breath and jumping in, unaware of what awaited.

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