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There we no more events that day, I finished my meal, which was surprisingly good tasting, for a salad and it wasn’t long after that before I was lying in bed thinking about what had happened that day.

Despite resting for the last few days, I found myself falling asleep again. In a way it was a blessing, since it took my mind off panicking about things.

When I opened my eyes my heart skipped a beat until my brain started and I remembered where I was. A rush of memories stormed through my head from the day before.

Feeling stronger, I decided today I would be brave and explore some of the surroundings; even it was just this so-called Kazami Mansion. As I lifted myself up I noticed that the sun was already high in the sky suggesting it was sometime near midday. Turning around I realised there was a clock opposite stating the time was roughly 11:15.

I pushed myself to the side of the bed and waited a moment before standing up, pushing against the wall to keep my balance. Once I felt steady I pushed myself away from the wall and took a few steps, just to be sure, to my relief I didn’t fall over.

In the corner of the room was a large mirror, which I walked over to and looked at myself, to my relief I hadn’t changed physically and was still wearing my usual shirt and denim jeans. I started to try and do something with my hair but gave it up as a bad job and decided to leave the room.

As I left the room I found myself facing a wall, and a window to my right. However to my left was a fairly long corridor with several doors on each side. I saw one or two of those fairies like the one yesterday, which caused me to double take before I remembered about the previous encounter.

Walking down the corridor I noticed the colour scheme remained the same as the room I stayed in, bright colours and the pattern from Yuka’s dress matched the carpet here, while the walls were spared from that. The next thing I noticed is that the left wall was gone.

To my left now appeared to be the hall of the mansion, further ahead were some stairs leading downstairs which I started to use. The hall surprised me with its size and confirmed that I was definitely in a mansion. The colour’s dropped a little in this room, though the floor maintained its brightness, the walls appeared to be made from wood with it’s original colour, to my relief.

At the bottom of the stairs I confirmed my thoughts, the door ahead lead outside, which was definitely something worth noting. When I looked back to the stairs I noticed two arches leading elsewhere, since there was nothing else to do here, I continued exploring going through the right arch.

I soon found myself in another large room with a table in the middle, it would be presumed that this was the dining room, quite a large room for one person but then another thought entered my head, “What if there’s more people here then her?” My body froze for a moment at the thought before I regained my senses and moved on.

Through the next door was the kitchen, but since there were some fairies cleaning and working in there I decided I would be best staying out of the way, next thing to explore would be the left arch.

As I begun to walk down the left arch I heard a familiar voice from behind me, “Here you are, I thought you’d ran away! ~” I slowly turned around to find myself face to face with Yuka who was half leaning on a pink umbrella or parasol. “What do you think of my mansion? ~”

I paused for a moment, “It’s… quite the nice place.” I decided to not mention the choice of colours. “How many people live here?” I questioned.

“Oh, just me. Always been that way. ~” Yuka spun around, “I’m going for a walk, care to come along?”

Even if I had only been able to walk for less then an hour, those thoughts were still overrode by not getting on her bad side. “I could do, I guess.”

“Okay, let’s go. ♪” Yuka turned around and begun to walk away, with no other ideas I just started to follow her.

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