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“Hi. ~” The girl said.

With my mind in a mess and a throbbing headache I opened my mouth to reply, “… Hell…o…”

“It can talk!” The girl expressed excitedly. Closing my eyes I thought to myself, “It?” and then I realised closing my eyes reduced some of the pain.

“Hey! Don’t you dare go back sleep!” Suddenly the carefree voice had turned ferocious, it wasn’t long after that my eyes sprung open again. “That’s better. ~” Suddenly the voice had gone carefree again.

I struggled to lift my arm and wiped my eyes, allowing me to see better and looked at my visitor, or am I her visitor? She had fairly long green hair, which triggered something in my head saying that wasn’t normal, as were the red eyes. She wore a pink shirt covered by a long red dress with a pattern that only reminded me of something you see on a tablecloth, oddly although all the colours were bright, it suited her quite well. “You’re a human, right?”

“…Yeah…” I mumbled. What else am I going to be?

The girl proudly said, “I’m Yuka Kazami, and you’re currently in the Kazami mansion. ♪” Her eyes had a look of expectation.

“…Oh… okay…” I replied, rather confused.

Yuka’s face showed a little disappointment but then she smiled again, “You’re from the village, right?”

“What village?” I slowly replied. How vague.

Yuka’s expression changed again, “Stop asking stupid questions, you know what village I mean.”

I closed my eyes to think, before remembering the previous time and opened them quickly, “Actually I don’t, I can’t remember almost anything, not even who I am.”

Yuka’s face turned to a menacing grin, “Is that so? Well, I must be going now. Bye bye.” Before she got up and walked out the room.

“B-bye.” I stammered. What the hell have I got myself into now? She’s psychotic! Still, if I keep her in a good mood, I should be fairly safe for the time being. I closed my eyes and took a moment to regain my senses, when I opened my eyes again I noticed how bright the room was. The colours like Yuka’s were all blindingly bright with a large flower theme in the room, it’s no wonder my head hurt when I woke up really.

As I looked around my attention went to that of a bird of some kind in the window, a blackbird or something like that and next to it a black box of some sort. The bird was pecking the box causing the box to click each time, “Wow, my head must be a mess, I swear that bird is using a camera, what could it-?” My voice was suddenly interrupted by a voice I instantly recognised as my captor.

“Hey, crow! What the hell do you think you’re doing spying on me!” Yuka shouted in a violent tone. Blackbird, crow, what’s the difference. The crow flew away and a few seconds later flowers flew by the window.

A higher pitched voice replied, “I’m getting my scoop! Flower youkai steals and holds captive a human!”

“Want a scoop? Try ‘Crow brutally murdered!’ The next thing I knew all I could see out the window was light. I really must have injured my head. In the light I saw a figure fly away, presumably the crow, but it looked strangely human-like.

Wanting to know what in the world had just happened, I decided to take a risk and try and get over to the window, luckily it was next to the chair Yuka sat in so I swung out of bed and then wobbled over to the chair, I walked better then I thought I would but I still crashed down onto the chair at which point Yuka appeared in the window. “Ignore that crow, it’s always being nosey. Bye ~” The next thing, she was gone. Surely it’s time to wake up now.

I pushed myself up in the chair and looked out the window, only to be bewildered by the fact I wasn’t on the ground floor. “How- why- how could she possibly have been in front of that window? Flying? No, that ridiculous.”

I wobbled back over to bed and got back in, psycho or not, the bed was comfy, one could spend all day in it, I sat a moment before trying all methods to make myself wake up, pinching myself, confusing myself and various other things that I figured would make me wake up. “What is going on, this must be a dream, it’s got to be.”

As I pondered on my situation in bed I heard the door open and looked up to see a small creature fly in with a plate of food and a some water and place it down on the table near me, it stared at me for a few seconds and then without a word it flew away and out the room. “Uh, thanks.” I called out.

My mind completely gave up trying to comprehend things at this point, having just seen a fairy or something like that fly into the room and leave me some food. I looked at the food and realised how hungry I actually was and then my throat was burning. I’d never been one for salads, or water, but I didn’t really care at this point and started my meal.

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