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Yuka spoke in an embarrassed tone, “What are you doing this time?”

“I wish I knew.” I spoke, surprisingly calm even though I couldn’t move a limb.

“Well hurry up, and get up. You’re making a scene.” Yuka scolded as I could hear laughter in the background, no doubt laughing at me supposedly tripping over.

I struggled for a few seconds, “I can’t.”

“What, why?” Yuka gave me an impatient stare.

“I… don’t know, I can’t move.” Perhaps, you’re dying.

The laughter had calmed down, and had mostly turned into mumbling and whispers.

For a reason I wasn’t sure of, I laughed a little, “You know, I think I’m dying, or going back to my world or whatever.”

Yuka looked at me for a moment before the realisation noticeably hit her, “I… see.”

The volume of the area rose slightly and I could have sworn I heard gasps or sounds of surprise, but I was still alive so I wondered if it was just the sake causing unnecessary reactions, but when I noticed Yuka had closed her eyes slightly, I knew something was up. Mustering all my strength, I rolled my head to the side.

That’s what’s up.

My entire arm was transparent, forcing my head a bit more, I saw it wasn’t limited to that; my entire body was fading, seemingly out of existence.

“Well, this really was short lived.” I spoke out loud, in a sad tone. “I was sort of hoping to spend a bit longer here.” I forced my head so I was facing up again, and noticed there was a crowd building around me, Mima, Marisa, Keine, Cirno, everyone was looking sad at the event, just as though we were all friends.

To me, the situation felt really awkward, “Well, thanks for the party and everyone, shame I have to leave a bit early.” I closed my eyes for a moment, “It’s sure been unforgettable anyway.”

I laughed, “I guess I’ll find out my human name soon enough.” I felt my body twitch again, but with no result. Carelessly, I spoke again, “Don’t let me going effect things, have a good party!” If everyone else was going to be sad, I’d be the cheery one, no matter how shattered I was about leaving.

Suddenly, my mind started to fill with memories, my real life, and the event that got me here in the first place; in fact I felt the same as the incident before. Why is this taking so long? Also without warning I felt a bit of strength that let me climb back onto my feet, but not much else. Looking at my hands, they were fading much more quickly now.

“Well, I guess this is it… Bye, everyone.”

Everyone tried to smile, and said their farewells in various fashions ranging from the childish voices of Cirno and her squad to the much more mature voices of those such as Keine and Mokou.

I turned around to see Yuka who had turned so her back was facing me with her parasol blocking most of her from sight.

I checked my hands again, not long left, “Well, goodbye.” You’ve already said that. “And thanks, Yuka…”

A few seconds after, everything had froze, just like before.

A final few seconds of solitude.

I took the remaining few seconds to look around at everyone. “I’ve only been here for a few days, but they were the best days of my life.” With my memories back, I knew what I had to look forward to back in my world, and I did not want to go. But as time started to return to normal, I knew I had to.

For a few seconds, nothing happened, everything was normal, but suddenly I completely froze and everything I could see started to move away leaving nothing, much like moving a photo away from your eyes.

The final image was of Cirno and her gang and Keine and Akyu waving and trying to look cheerful, with Yuka in the middle, still turned away.

After a painfully long amount of time, the image had moved into complete darkness and I felt another jolt through my body, followed by nothing.

The first thing I heard was beeping. It was quite annoying actually, since it’s just keep going and going.

The sound of technology, I didn’t think I’d be so depressed to hear it.

The noise along assured me I was in a hospital, it would seem whatever accident I was in was enough to have a heart monitor being used, but I guess it’s common sense when someone’s been in a crash and then in a coma for several days.

I was fully conscious, but as before, I felt completely sapped of energy. I began to drift back to my thoughts of Gensokyo when a door’s slam signalled to me that someone had entered the room, whoever it was, they were just walking around, and by the sounds of it, writing things down. Gathering all my depleted strength I managed to open one of my eyes, followed by the other, albeit slowly.

My hunch that it was a nurse was correct, checking the machines to my side, I looked around the room to learn my surroundings drowsily and after a few minutes, the nurse finally realised I was awake, with a jump.

“Oh! G-good morning!” The nurse said, nervously. “How are you feeling?”

I waited for a few seconds before struggling to speak, “I could… be better…”

The nurse nodded, “Okay, well, you’re currently in a hospital, you’ve been in an accident.”

Yes, I know that much. I began to wonder if her tone and personality suggested she was new at this job.

“To be honest, we weren’t expecting you to wake up so early.”

“I got a bit… messed up then?” I questioned cautiously.

The nurse smiled, “Nothing that won’t mend, your head was just hit badly.”

“I see, so how many days has it been since then? 3, maybe 4 days?” I asked, wanting to test my theory.

The nurse looked surprised, “Why, yes. 4 days. What told you that?”

“It’s a long story.”

The nurse looked at me, surprised and confused, “You’ll… have to tell me sometime. But for now, you should really get some rest.”

“Yeah… I think I should.” The nurse left the room shortly after, leaving me to drift back to sleep.

When I was aware I was awake again, I opened my eyes and checked things, I was still in the hospital room to my disappointment. I simply lay in bed for what felt like an eternity waiting for something to happen. This is more boring then standing around in Yuka’s field all day.

Eventually, the nurse from before returned holding a large bag, “Oh, hello again. Feeling any better?”

“A bit.” I replied shortly.

“Well, you’re going to be in this room until you’re discharged, and since you’re awake now, I thought I’d bring you your stuff.” As the nurse reached into bag she added, “You didn’t lose anything in the crash, so don’t worry.”

The nurse began to take things out of the bag and place them beside me, after showing me whatever it is. Mainly they were just clothes, my wallet and keys. Well, that’s everything I had on me, at least nothing was stolen.

“There’s one more thing.” The nurse interrupted my thoughts. “There was one more object in there, it wasn’t registered in any patients records, but there’s no way it could have got in by accident, so one of the other nurses must have just forgotten to record it.”

The nurse reached into her pocket and held her arm out, and put it into my hand, “I find it quite odd really, you tend not to forget about something like that.” I opened my hand when I saw what it was; I was almost paralysed with shock.

An antique silver pocket watch, with a flower engraved on the back.

Final Chapter

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