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As I expected, the flower field hadn’t changed one bit, not that there was a reason why it would, unless someone was up to a prank but that’s not a good idea due to the owner.

For a change, Yuka was waiting for me, most likely due to the presence of Elly, who was talking non-stop to her. I approached them causing Yuka to look at me for a moment before she ordered, “Let’s head off then.”

As usual, Yuka was walking under the shade of her parasol while Elly just spun the pole of the scythe around in her hand causing the blade to spin around, almost hypnotically, though it may have just been instincts making sure the blade didn’t come anywhere near me.

Soon enough, we left the flower field and were faced with the smaller field of grass standing between the flowers and the forest. Uneventfully we reached the other side apart from a sighting of Cirno and Daiyousei flapping away towards the shrine, playing a game as they travelled. I had best not get involved in another of their games if they’re going to be there.

Putting the thought to the back of my mind, I looked forward to see the forest only a few metres away, for a moment I thought we might have been walking through it until I felt Yuka grab my wrist like last time and dragging me into the air. As I dangled in the air, I noticed that Elly could fly too, not a surprise really, since it seems everyone flies and has powers, apart from me.

Out of the blue, Elly shouted again, “Hey! I can hear music!” Yuka nodded to agree, while I merely looked confused, I couldn’t hear anything. Gliding over the forest, I could see the fight versus Suika as it unfolded in my mind, the bare patch in the forest where Suika uprooted and wielded some trees. Luckily, there seemed to be no attackers this time around.

Finally, a minute or two later I finally heard some music, “Oh, I can hear that music you were talking about now.”

“You only just heard it?” Elly asked.

“Well, I am human after all.” I replied, unhappily.

Elly laughed, “Don’t worry so much! There’s nothing wrong with being a human.”

Only they’re weaker, get eaten; don’t have powers or anything, nothing wrong with that. Does that mean Yuka’s been hearing what I’ve been muttering?

From other directions I could see groups of others flying to the shrine, though they were too far away to distinguish who they were, only that they weren’t just ordinary birds.

I reached for my watch, and checked the time, even though it was barely 11 o’clock, the shrine was getting busy already.

Looks like everyone had the same idea as Yuka, is everyone trying to get good seats or something?

As we approached the shrine, I noticed the silhouette of Aya prowling around the shrine. Hunting for a story even at a party, why am I not surprised?

My thoughts were interrupted by a vaguely familiar voice. “Hello again!” The voice sung cheerfully. Focusing my eyes and looking up, I saw the recognisable figure of Mima standing in front of us. “Still here I see!” She aimed the sentence at me.

“Well, yeah, where else am I going to go? Had you expected Yuka to have incinerated me by now?” I spoke at a much lower volume then Mima.

Mima merely laughed, “Have fun, it’s my party as well, so don’t let that grumpy Miko spoil it!” Mima glided away, towards the next group of travellers heading for the shrine. Well, maybe there’ll be a little variety other then constant drinking then.

It wasn’t much longer that we finally landed in the grounds of the shrine, no matter how great it felt to fly, even if it was more being hanging from someone who could potentially drop you at any moment for a laugh, there was always a feeling for relief, followed by dizziness once you land.

Once I’d finished leaning against one of the trees to get my balance back, I approached Yuka and Elly, who were talking about where to sit. Seeing me approached, Yuka greeted me with, “Weakling.” How friendly, and I believe we’ve already established I’m a human.

I went to complain about the newfound prejudice against me, but decided to give it up, “Have you even decided where we’re sitting yet?”

“In fact, we have, over there, by the shade.” Yuka pointed to the left of the shrine, where a line of trees cast a shadow over part of the grassy area.

“Oh, fair enough.” I politely said before wandering over there, most likely followed by Yuka and Elly. When did they make their minds up?

I dropped myself onto the grass stretched for a while, until I looked up and saw a miniature Oni looking at me. “Hi. ~”

“Hello…” I replied slowly, wondering what may happen next?

“What are you doing down there?” The mini-Suika asked in a high pitch voice.

“Lying down.”

“Why not just get a chair?” The Oni questioned with her squeaky voice.

I looked around, “Really, where are they?”

“We’ll get you one!” A much louder voice said, or rather, a group of voices. Soon enough, a stampede of mini-Suikas had run to the edge of the forest and began tugging on the closest tree, only a few seconds later the tree was completely uprooted and flying in the air, crashing to the ground inches away from Yuka who didn’t even flinch.

“T-thanks, I guess…” I told the first girl quietly.

“No problem!” The group replied in unison, before running off followed by an angry looking Reimu, shouting about not pulling trees out of the ground. This is going to be a long day…

Looking behind me, Elly and Yuka were already sat on the tree, viewing the events around them; dragging myself onto the tree beside them I waited for things to start.

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