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Just as predicted, Yuka didn’t stir from her room for another 3 hours by which time I had already eaten breakfast, with fewer confrontations with the fairies this time and read the rest of the encyclopedia Akyu gave to me.

When Yuka walked into the study, she was already wearing her trademark red dress and usual attire. She looked at me for a moment before cheerfully stating, “Oh, you decided to wear that then! It looks good! ~”

I muttered under my breath about Yuka planning it all along, but not at the volume so Yuka could hear it. “So, what are you planning for 3 hours?” I asked out of boredom.

Yuka stood and thought for a moment, Don’t say sleep. “Not much, really.” Yuka then continued and sat down on a chair. “Haven’t you finished that book yet? You’ve been reading it enough.”

“In fact, yes. I finished it not long ago.” I said, smugly expecting Yuka to be somewhat surprised.

“I see, well, pass it here.” Yuka reached out for the book, which I gave to her. She began scanning through the pages before stopping on one and reading through it. “I bet I’ve beaten all of these in here.”

“I expected you had, somehow.” I commented.

Yuka grinned, “It’s just annoying how you have to stick to those useless spell card rules, being able to use your full power feels great.” And a lot more violent. I recalled the bloody spectacle that was her fight with Flandre.

Yuka pulled out a collection of cards from her pocket and held them in the air. “These are the accursed things.”

I got out the chair and to walk over and inspect the cards, but Yuka openly passed them to me. The card on top was, unsurprisingly red with that ever-so-familiar pattern that was Yuka’s trademark and in extremely neat black handwriting “Double Spark” was wrote in the centre of the card. Other then that, there wasn’t much else on the card.

“So, how do you use these things then?” I held the card up in the air and said the name trying to cause something to happen, but to no prevail.

“First, you have to use your own spell cards… and then you just do what you do then.” Yuka said simply.

“Oh, how do you get them then?” I asked, wishing I had powers.

“You just use the spell you want while holding an uncharged spell card, that’s it.”

“Oh, that’s… simple.” I drifted off, expecting something a little more difficult. I handed the cards back to Yuka before sitting down again.

The next hour or so involved Yuka bragging about beating all the various entries in the book, though they all seemed to follow the same pattern; Yuka would start a fight, then they’d clash powers, Yuka would overpower them and then she’d blast them away with a Spark. I guess there must be some variety, since Flandre’s fight was slightly different.

I also wondered about how she fared against some of the more powerful beings. I’ve already read that she was beaten by Reimu a few years back, and couldn’t help but wonder how my losses she’d suffered, but I wasn’t surprised about how she never mentioned it once.

The room fell silent for a few minutes before Yuka stood up, “Now what are you doing?”

“Going to the festival, what else?” Yuka sung.

I looked at my pocket watch, “It’s only 10:30, isn’t that a little early?”

“They won’t mind! The Oni has probably already got them in such a state that they won’t notice.”

I got out of the chair and started to walk over to Yuka, “If you say so.”

As Yuka and I paraded out of the mansion, I made sure the accursed cravat was still out of sight before leaving the mansion, in case anyone happened to be there.

The walk was fairly uneventful and silent and as usual I spied Elly at her usual spot, as we walked up she shouted, “Time already?”

Yuka nodded her head causing Elly to reach for her hat and scythe and walked over, “Okay!” She shouted.

“Oh, you’re coming too?” I asked quietly.

“Yep!” She was still shouting, even though she was standing next to me.

“So, what if someone attacks the mansion?”

Laughing, Elly replied, “I doubt it, everyone’ll be partying, and the fairies will attack any unimportant weaklings that would try anything.”

She certainly seems to be in high spirits.

The walk to the portal was a bit less boring, since Elly was a lot more talkative then Yuka, clearly she seemed to be happy about going to the party. Well, every time I’ve seen her, she’s been stuck here, so I guess I would be too.

I ended up telling Elly everything that had happened to me in the last two days, which was heck of a lot for two days.

Once again, we reached the portal where the two other walked in normally while I, as always followed slightly cautiously ending up in the flower field none the less.

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