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As Yuka played strolled through the mansion, something hit me. Outside, I failed to notice that the gaping hole in the side of the house, which was once my room, had disappeared. I poked my head around the front door and spotted I wasn’t mistaken.

Wow, those fairies work fast.

Walking back in the house, Yuka had already disappeared, so I took the free time to have a look at the new room. The hallway looked unchanged, though I guess the only damage would have been around the doorway, which Yuka obliterated, quite needlessly. At least it stopped Flandre from having a free supper.

I opened the door and was quite surprised to see the room was completely, the same, down to every small detail. Well, that was an anti-climax.

Walking back to the main hall of the mansion I thought how boring the room was, being exactly the same, but after remembering what happened earlier when I looked from something adventurous, I changed my mind. As I was about to turn the corner for the stairs I heard Yuka’s all too familiar voice shouting, “Haaaaaaaaruuuuuuuu ~”

I paused for a moment, “What?” I mimicked Yuka in a sarcastic fashion.

“Come here!” She shouted, still as chirpy sounding.

Following the voice downstairs, slightly nervous at what she had planned. Why do the thoughts of being hurt or killed enter my head whenever Yuka wants something?

I looked around the corner, and as I had gathered, Yuka was standing there, “Look what I got for tomorrow!” Yuka pointed to something blue on the table, which on closer inspection seemed to be a pile of clothes.

”Oh, that’s nice… What’s wrong with your usual outfit?” I questioned cautiously.

Yuka laughed, “No… It’s not for me, it’s for you. ~” Yuka then picked up the clothes and displayed them, revealing a blue suit-like outfit, with the same pattern as Yuka’s. Wow, it’s like an oversized tablecloth. Then I noticed the yellow cravat, similar to the ribbon Yuka wore around her neck. Okay, I’m not wearing that. Nada.

“So, you want me to wear that?” I questioned, frantically.

“What’s wrong, don’t you like it?” Yuka grinned, already knowing I wasn’t exactly keen on the idea, “Why don’t you go and try it on now?”

I quickly replied, “I’m sure it’ll fit perfectly, I’ll just wait until, tomorrow like you said.” Hopefully, I’ll come up with something by then.

Yuka continued to look amused, “If you say so. ~” She turned around, “Time for dinner, anyway.” She continued to speak playfully.

After Yuka walked off, I stared at the clothes and thought about what to do, but no ideas worked, if I burnt them, Yuka would probably burn me in return, so that was a big no. Letting the clothes have the victory for now, I walked off towards the dining room.

Dinner was uneventful, minus the fact I spent more time arguing with the fairy about what I wanted then actually eating. After the 5th time of sending the food back for various reasons, such as it not being cooked, smashed to a pulp and other creative ways of making the food inedible such as heavily overdoing the spices, I started to think, and decided that since the fairies knew my lack of power, and aggression, they were pulling all the pranks and tricks on me since I wasn’t going to blow them to shreds like Yuka would.

Yuka had already long gone before I finally finished, I gave the fairies an evil stare while they laughed, deciding it would be best to give up, I just walked back through the hallway, passing the pile of blue clothes which I also gave an evil stare, before arriving back in the main hall.

It wasn’t that late, according to the clock it was only around 7 o’clock, but it certainly didn’t feel like it, it felt much later in the day. I hung around the main hall but came to the conclusion that since there was nothing else of interest to do, it would probably be best to go to bed, especially with that festival tomorrow.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I noticed the door directly at the top, Yuka’s room was open and from the distance I was, it appeared like it was pitch black with lights shining around it. What the heck? Is there a disco in there or something? Closer to the door, I leaned to the side to see inside the room, surprised that the room wasn’t there, it seemed.

The room just seemed to be a part of space, with the moving lights actually being stars shooting by. What the hell, how can this possibly work? I stood wondering about how it could possibly be used as a room, thinking for a moment there’d be an invisible floor I went to step in the room to test my theory when I noticed, that in the distance were some platforms, which probably means that there isn’t a floor where I was about to step.

Jumping back away from the door, not wanting to test if I’d fall or not, I quickly decided to move on, also for the reason that if Yuka came back and saw me looking in her room, there’d probably be a good chance she’d use it as an excuse to induce pain on me.

With nothing else left to do, expect ponder upon how Yuka’s room seemed to be a part of space, I walked back to my room and opened the door before shouting, “I’m going bed… Good night…” It probably wouldn’t stop Yuka, if she wanted to talk or annoy me, she’d just wake me up anyway.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the room, is that those accursed clothes had appeared on the chair. It would seem Yuka was quite determined to get me to wear them. So, this means war. Making sure I closed the curtains this time around to prevent any unwanted guests I got into bed with all my clothes on, better then having someone steal them off the table while I slept, leaving me with those things.

Lying in bed I wondered about the events that happened today, this place was still unbelievable, I met a witch and somehow ended up playing hide and seek with two fairies, a bug, a sparrow and a darkness youkai. The weird thing was, that in my heart, I was actually enjoying it, it just felt good, and thinking of that it made me wonder back to what the real world was like.

Corrupt, wrong. If by what Yuka was saying, I definitely wasn’t in a rush to go back there to find out. With a yawn, I decided to leave all my thinking until tomorrow and fell asleep.

I woke up to banging on the door, “Haru, it’s the party today! Get ready!” Oh great, A Yuka wake-up call. Looking at the clock on the wall, which said 6 o’clock, I shut my eyes and went to fall back asleep.

Until the thudding returned, “Hey! I can’t hear you getting ready!” Yuka was back, and louder. Climbing out of bed, I walked over to the door and opened it, revealing Yuka in her pink nightclothes and cap. “Get a move on!”

“How can you moan at me, when you’re not even getting ready!” Noticing the sleeve of my shirt, I added, “At least I’m dressed!”

Yuka grinned, “Go have a bath, you smell.”

Thanks for being blunt, again.

I paused for a few seconds, “Fine, where?”

Yuka kicked the door behind her, before walking away, “Don’t take too long!”

As Yuka walked away, I couldn’t help but ask, “When does this festival start then?”

“12 o’clock.” She laughed before walking away, and into her room, which I had a gut feeling she was going back to sleep.

In the end I decided I’d stay up for the six hours, by the time I got back to sleep it’d be time to wake up again anyway. Following Yuka’s rather harsh advice, I’d start with a bath.

It took me a while to actually find the bath, since it was hidden around a corner for some weird reason, it was surprisingly easy to find the right temperature, and most likely magic was behind it.

After a while in the bath, I heard a door slam, followed by the quiet sound of a fairy flying, a few seconds later, I heard the sound of the door slamming again. Slowly looking, around the corner, the room was empty. “No!” I noticed that my clothes I’d left in a pile had been taken and replaced by those same blue clothes from the night before. She planned this! I can’t believe I underestimated her!

Once I’d finished swearing profusely I went and inspected the clothes, the horrible, oversized, bright yellow cravat was there and looking around, there just happened to coincidently be no other clothes, forcing me to wear it.

Looking in the mirror, it almost looked like I was being drowned by the overflowing cravat, taking the easiest solution I tucked the cravat inside the shirt, which fortunately hid the majority of it, I encouraged myself by saying that if anyone only glanced then they’d think it’s a tie.

Slowly, unhappy but ultimately wearing the outfit, I slowly walked out, being cautious of Yuka or fairies who may have been standing watch, ready to laugh. Fortunately, there wasn’t.

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