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As I had noticed earlier, the sky was starting to get darker now, checking Yuka’s pocket watch it told the time as a few minutes before 6 o’clock. Damn, I got stuck playing children’s games for longer then I thought.

Strolling down to the flower field I noticed there was no activity or movement in the flower field. Oh great, she’s already gone on without me. Though it wasn’t exactly difficult to find the way back home, this time.

For a moment I wondered how Yuka could make the so-called flower displays yet the flower field looked completely unchanged or possibly grown even more flowers, until I remembered Yuka’s powers probably allowed her to create new flowers out of nowhere. Thinking about that made me realize that since the flowers weren’t here, there’s a good chance she’s taken the flowers, or making them at the shrine.

Either way, I wasn’t going back into that forest to get roped into another game, so I decided to go in the portal and return to the mansion, which would be much safer. I hope.

Since there was no point hanging around, I started to enter the portal and see if Yuka is back when I heard, “Hi! ~”

Speak of the devil.

“I was wondering when you’d get back.” Yuka spoke in her uncaring voice.

I looked at her quizzically, “You’ve been looking for me?”

“No.” Yuka started laughing, “I’ve been with Reimu making those flowers like I said. ~” Why did I know that would be the answer? “Though I did see you playing around in the forest when I flew over.”

“You could have stopped by, I was stuck in there! Forced to play games to get out!” I almost shouted at Yuka.

“Well, you looked like you were having fun, so I thought, ‘Why intervene?’ and continued on my way.” Yuka’s face was wearing that menacing grin again.

I grumbled to myself for a few seconds before asking casually, “I gather you got the flowers done then?”

“With plenty of time left, I spent most of the day drinking tea with Reimu.” Yuka continued smiling at me. “You should have come along.”

I have a sarcastic look, “I already told you. I was stuck in that forest for hours.”

“Well… you shouldn’t have got lost in the first place.” Yuka laughed.

I merely gave an evil look of my own at Yuka before walking into the portal and emerging on the other side as usual.

A few metres up the pathway, I decided it would be best to wait for Yuka, who emerged a few seconds later, smiling even more. Arms crossed, I waited for her to parade by before joining her at her side. “So, that festival or party, or whatever it is tomorrow. What’s to be expected?”

Yuka shrugged carelessly, “Who knows? Drinking, talking… I guess dancing if you’re into that. With that Oni in charge the only thing for sure is drinking.”

I thought back to how Suika was when I saw her, my memories recalled that she was drinking alcohol every other moment, “Ah, but didn’t Mima seem like she was going to do things as well.” I added.

“Like I said, drinking, talking, probably some music as well. I should expect even you humans have parties like that.”

“Well, yeah, we do.” I replied.

“Well it’s the same, only the fights are much more fun.” Yuka got an evil look in her eye.

I wonder what part Yuka goes for.

“So, there are a lot of people going?” I asked for the sake of wasting time.

“Oh, not that many. I think Reimu mentioned about ten were invited last year.”

“Ten? That’s not that much.”

Yuka quickly started talking again, “No, but an extra fifty or so turned up on top of that. So I would say it’ll be about the same this year.”

Suddenly the thought of a nice peaceful afternoon shattered as a huge crowd of people appeared around the shrine in my mind. “As a complete guess, I gather most of the others are going to be youkai?”

Yuka nodded, “That’s how it usually is.” Great work from the supposed youkai hunter, instead of destroying them she’s inviting them to parties, what’s she going to do? Poison the sake?

Continuing up the patch, I ended up explaining the events in the forest to Yuka, who merely laughed every time I mentioned an event where something went wrong for me, which was quite a lot of the story. As usual, Elly was asleep on her chair outside the house, though Yuka didn’t seem to care.

As the story finished, the chilling silent returned, so I started to talk once again. “So, how long have you lived her for?”

Yuka looked at me and gave me a sly look, “Longer then you’ve lived. Much longer.”

Why does she have to be so enigmatic?

“What about your life as a human, Keine said that Youkai remember their human lives.” I asked, wondering if I was asking questions on thin ice.

Yuka sneered, “I left my memories of my humanity behind a long time ago, I don’t want anything to do with that corrupt world.” It doesn’t sound like you have. “Everything that could be wrong, is wrong in that world. I’d love nothing more then to destroy it myself.”

Okay, she’s starting to sound insane, again.

Trying to take things of the subject, slightly, I interrupted, “So, why am I here then? You know well enough I’m from… that world.” I paused, wondering if Yuka would just turn around and hit me after what she was just ranting about.

Instead, she merely looked amused, “Why not?”

I merely sighed before continuing on, “Well then, at least you know what your name was.” For a moment, names ran through my head of what Yuka’s name may have been, presuming she changed it when she became a youkai.

“Haru.” Yuka chirped.

I merely looked puzzled, “Haru?”

“You were just talking about a name.”

“What, that’s my name from the other world, or one you just made up?” I was getting more confused by the minute.

“I made it up, why would I know about something from your world?”

I looked at Yuka for a moment before shrugging my arms; “You have a better idea of things then me.”

“Of course.” Yuka bragged, before reaching and opening the mansion door.

I swear that mansion sneaks up on me.

Following Yuka into the mansion, I wondered about the name she’d just given me. Haru? Can’t say I’m particularly fond of it. Well, as long as it keeps her happy I guess.

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