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It’s quite amazing how much time can pass when you find a good book, looking up to the clock I saw that the time had already passed 3 hours, the clock showing it was now 4 o’clock.

Keine had come and gone, though she was reluctant to go, and took a lot of convincing that I was all right, after I explained the encounter with Flandre. Akyu as always noted what I said and explained, possibly because I’m from the outside, I’m not sure.

I wasn’t too sure what possessed me to do it, but I decided that I was going to go exploring again, outside the village, maybe it was overconfidence since I knew the majority of notable beings in Gensokyo now, but that doesn’t mean I can fight them off or anything.

“Well, I’m going to go and explore for a while, I might be back later on, if not I’ve probably been dragged off by Yuka.” I laughed, “Or killed.” I chuckled weakly at my addition to the sentence.

Akyu, as usual looked up at me, “Okay, be careful. See you next time!” Akyu spoke optimistically. Why do things feel like I’m going on a suicide mission? Standing up I waved goodbye and walked outside.

“So, where should I go?” I said to myself, looking around. Unfortunately, the village was surrounded by woods on every side. Not much of a choice, I guess.

I decided if anywhere, it would be best to enter the woods, which went alongside and closest to the flower field, then in the case everything went bad, I could at least attempt to flee to Yuka.

I’m all for exploring, but it’s not like there’ll be anything interesting in these trees. I thought before walking into the forest.

As I somewhat expected, the forest has a chilly atmosphere, and quite dark, much to my dismay. Walking in an angle so I was always in sight of the light from outside, I began wondering about what I hoped to find during this explanation, a forest never seemed like a thing to hide something interesting, just creepy.

Without warning, the surroundings suddenly got a lot darker; looking up and around, even the light was the outside was nowhere to be seen. What in the world is going on? Oh wait, it’s not like I don’t know, something life-threatening.

Almost on cue, I could just see a patch of the floor began moving towards me, the buzzing and hissing made it clear that it was actually a swarm of insects, heading for me.

Run! My mind screamed continuously as I followed the order, until I realized that in my panic, I’d lost all bearings and the darkness certainly wasn’t giving any clues. As I ran in an unknown direction, the noises got louder, which means they’re either catching up or there’s even more of them, either way I wasn’t planning on finding out.

The area began to get even darker, so I decided to run to the side, hoping that it would take me out the forest, or at least get lighter, but to little prevail. Another problem is that I can’t run forever, already I felt myself tiring and getting slower. This darkness is getting to the point where I can’t see anyth-

A familiar feeling, in the form of a tree, struck me in the face and as I fell backwards to the ground I remembered the incident with the door earlier. As I lay half-dazed on the forest floor, I wondered why I hadn’t been surrounded by a swarm of vicious flesh rending bugs yet; again on cue there was a noise, but not what I was expecting.


“We got him!” Someone sung out loud.

“Great work, team!” Another voice called.

“Yeah!” A much higher pitched and immature sounding voice shouted.

“What are we waiting for let’s get him!” The sounds of footsteps got louder and louder until the same voice as before cut in, “Hey wait, I think I know him.”

It can’t be, can it? Oh, the irony.

“It is you!” A familiar voice shouted at me, “Of all the people to catch, and it’s you!”

“You know him, Cirno?” Just as I thought.

“Yeah, I met him yesterday, he’s not bad, but he hangs around with that Yuka, she’d kill us if we did anything.”

“Who’s Yukaaaaaaa?” The immature voice called again.

“Don’t you know anything?! The one that uses all the flowers!”

“And the one who beat Cirno yesterday!” I heard Daiyousei add.

“Shut up.” The voice of Cirno interrupted.

A more serious sounding voice spoke, “Well, what do you want to do with him?”

“Eat hiiiiim.” The squeaky immature voice said. No, no, let’s not.

“We can’t eat him if he’s Cirno’s friend.” Spoke another serious sounding voice. I like that answer.

Finally my head had stopped hurting enough to lift it from the ground and actually have a look at my would-be attackers. As their voices, and the presence of Cirno suggested, it was a group of younger looking youkai.

The first had fairly short pink hair and strange ears protruding from them, wearing a burgundy and white dress decorated with pink ribbons, which snaked down the dress, she also wore a matching coloured hat on her hat, which sported wings or something resembling them. Her final noticeable feature, were the purple and pink wings, resembling a birds, on her back.

The next youkai was a more childish looking one, presumably the immature sounding one, she wore a simple black shirt and dress over a long sleeved white blouse, which contrasted with her bright blonde hair. In her hair was a small red ribbon, though it looked like it had suffered some wear and tear through the years.

The final newcomer had her back turned to me, but from what I could make out she wore a white shirt and blue trousers, reaching to her knees, though most of her appearance was blocked by her black cape. Hidden among her greenish-blue hair were two antennae, which suggested that she was the one controlling the bugs from earlier.

I had hunches on who they are, having read the book not long ago, however probably due to the fright and possible concussion of head butting a tree, I just couldn’t remember.

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