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I’d let a few minutes pass before I started to move away from the study to check up on the chase from before. The house was in surprisingly good condition, I somewhat expected the mansion to be wrecked with depressed looking fairies already working on it, but minus the odd scorch mark on the wall and a burnt up tapestry or painting of some sort, it wasn’t that bad. Well, I am surprised.

I wondered down the hall, smiling at my prediction being half-right due to a fairy frowning while working on a scorched part of the wall. Continuing on, I reached the front door, which seemed to be hanging from their hinges, presumably from the force of Marisa when she rocketed into them in escape. Either way, the doors were stuck and weren’t willing to open, with normal force anyway.

With a good kick, I’m sure it’d open.

“1… 2…-“ Wait! What if Yuka’s on the other side?

At that point my head enacted the scene of kicking the door down, sending Yuka flying in the process, followed by me being chased down and blown away, much like the incident with Marisa.

It’d be wise to check for her. I walked up to the door and began to try and see Yuka through one of the many dents and cracks in the door, to little success. “Looks clear, go-“ The next thing I know, I was on the floor after a sharp impact to my face. What the hell was that?! Looking up, I found myself unsurprised to see Yuka, having just kicked the door down from her side.

Yuka looked at me with a strange look, “What are you doing on the floor?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know.” I groaned, noticing my nose was bleeding.

Yuka merely smiled, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Without any prompt, a fairy flew up to me and held a piece of cloth of something like that against my nose. Why would I not be surprised if chloroform was on this cloth?

Looking at the scene bemused, Yuka sneered, “Humans, what weak beings, one little strike to the face and they need help.”

Thanks for those valuable words of encouragement, Yuka.

Getting up from the floor, holding the piece of cloth to my nose and sarcastically spoke to Yuka, “I gather you got rid of the witch then.”

“Oh yes, she’s was too much in a hurry to see that mentor of hers to put up a good fight.” Haven’t you had enough fights yet!

Thinking of Mima, I remembered about asking Akyu about her, next time I see her. “Where will we be going today?” I asked, sounding like I knew everywhere in Gensokyo.

“The flower field.” Yuka spoke simply.

“And?” I urged.

“Just the flower field, the miko’s asked me to make displays for tomorrow’s party.” Yuka smiled. “You can go where you want though.”

That was the answer I was waiting for, a free ticket to the village. “So, are we leaving now?” I questioned, while moving the blood-covered cloth slightly.

“If you want. ~” As usual, Yuka turned around and began to walk at her own pace, ignoring me making me have to catch up a little.

Much like the night before, the walk from the mansion was much shorter, Elly was again sitting outside her house doing nothing, greeting Yuka as she passed, “No luck on that witch, Yuka? You’ll get her one day.”

Yuka sneered and continued walking past Elly, “I guess you’ve met Marisa before then?” I questioned once we were away from Elly’s house.

Yuka sighed, “Yes, ever since the Miko and her barged in and she stole one of my spells, she’s been coming back and trying to steal even more.”

“Ah, she mentioned something like that to me.” Something clicked in my head from last night when the vampire talked about Yuka using Marisa’s spell. “She stole that… big laser spell, right?”

“That one.” Yuka answered.

Before I could ask about the spell she wants to steal, I saw we were already at the portal, and Yuka had already walked though.

I noticed that my nose had finally stopped bleeding so I put the cloth I was using away and sarcastically mumbled, “Thanks for waiting.” Before walking through into the brightness of the flower field.

Yuka had already started manipulating the flowers, grouping them together and sorting them into patterns, as you expect in flower displays. I waited around for a few, uneventful minutes and decided to move on. “I’m going to go off for a bit then.”

“Suit yourself, don’t get killed.” Yuka spoke menacingly with her back to me. Without another word, I started to walk to the village, wondering if Yuka had said something with good meaning for once, which I doubt.

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