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I awoke again, after lying for a brief period of time, I remembered the condition I was in, seemingly paralysed. This time however, the pain had faded somewhat and I felt a lot more comfortable, like… a bed?

After pondering more theories, most of which consisted of asking myself if I was dead, I decided to remain optimistic and made myself believe I was alive and was just ill, or something like that. At that point I heard a bang, which echoed slightly but as nothing happened after what felt like a minute, I let it go by. In the silence I slowly started to get the familiar feeling of boredom, and since my head felt slightly more stable I thought I would try and recall why I might be here in this undesirable state.

Other then a few ridiculous stories made by my mind I got nothing, not even an idea where I am, or was. In an attempt for comfort, I started to search my mind for something that I could remember, something I’d have imprinted into my head. A horrible mixture of sorrow and fear entered my head, when I realised I couldn’t even remember my own name. Still, it could be the shock. What if I’m paralysed? I could have suffered a head injury or something and now I’m lying in a hospital bed.

The panicking riot in my mind vanished upon hearing another loud bang similar to the last, though much closer. It resembled something like a door slamming or of that sort. I started to think upon the new questions, which had arisen from that, am I actually in a hospital? Minus the bangs, which were too loud, it’s too quiet. I dismissed the question in my head with a mere comment, “Wherever I am, at least the bed’s comfy.”

I heard yet another door, this one wasn’t loud though, a door was being opened and I could only guess it was a door to this room, which means I have company. After hearing a few footsteps I heard the same humming from yesterday followed by an impatient sigh, “It’s still not awake yet!”

“Wrong.” I mumbled in my head.

“This is no good, if it doesn’t do something soon I’ll use it for target practice. ♪”

“She can’t be talking about me can she? Don’t say I’m stuck in some psycho’s house.”

Suddenly I felt my body twitch a little, “I moved!” It seemed my strength was finally returning, but I wondered if this was really a good time.

I heard the girl give a quizzical noise, “Did he just-?”

I waited for a few moments, before opening my eyes slightly and then focused, to find a girl with green hair and red eyes right in front of me, staring at me.

It nearly gave me a heart attack.

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